Thursday, June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021

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Letter: Make bowing great again


Health necessity has made the handshake passe. It served as a form of greeting, bonding, commitment commonality for centuries.

I say it is time to return a bit to the past. The pandemic has changed many things, including limiting close contact and certainly grasping another person’s hand. Rather we see folks bumping fists or elbows when greeting others. These all seem crude and more suitable for the football field.

A bow, however, is a graceful way to greet another.

This is a unisex form of greeting. And it should be universally used whether at an initial introduction to another person, leaving others or at the end of signing a formal contract.

To make the bow an accepted norm in our society, we should begin teaching this for a greeting at home and in kindergarten, provided face-to-face schooling starts up again.

We could follow this etiquette guide from the 1873 “Hill’s Manual of Forms”:

“To a casual acquaintance you may bow without speaking; but to those with whom you are well acquainted greater cordiality is due. A bow should always be returned; even to an enemy it is courtesy to return his recognition.”

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