Saturday, December 4, 2021
Dec. 4, 2021

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Letter: Protect election integrity


Senate Bill 2747, the Freedom to Vote Act, is over 600 pages long and should be renamed the Freedom to Cheat Act. It is replacing HR1/S1, which was 900 pages long and failed to gain the votes needed to pass earlier this year. There is a reason for that: This bill is a federal takeover of elections that have been run by states since the founding of our country, and would eliminate election integrity. Here are just a few items in this bill:

It would remove commonsense state voter I.D. laws, which 36 states have passed;

Get rid of more secure voter I.D. requirements;

Force states to adopt automatic voter registration and same-day registration;

Allow felons to vote in federal elections as soon as they are released from prison;

Taxpayers could help fund a 600 percent match for political donations of under $200.

According to Axis Research Inc., 33 percent of American voters want election laws to focus on making elections “fair and free of voter fraud; 81 percent support voter I.D.; and 68 percent believe state legislatures should decide election rules.”

Every American citizen who cares about election integrity should read this bill and urge your senators and representatives to vote against it.

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