Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Oct. 27, 2021

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Letter: Plan for emergency services


Clark County Fire District 3 wants to share information about our community’s capital needs for emergency services. These items include emergency apparatus and fire stations.

Adequate facilities and apparatus are just as important to saving lives and property as firefighters. These items can exceed the cost of our operating levy and are financed through voter-approved bonds. Fire District 3 has no bonds at this time. The last bond we asked voters to approve was in 1992 — almost 30 years ago.

Within the next five years, we will need to replace one fire engine and remodel Station 34 in Brush Prairie to accommodate full-time staffing. Within the next 10 years, we plan to replace two fire engines and build a fire station in a strategic location to respond to population growth in our area.

We are working now to reduce the amount of the bond request that will come by 2025. An example of this is asking the Clark County Council to allow fire districts to collect impact fees on new development.

Planning for the future needs of our community is an important part of emergency services. We hope you will participate in these discussions.

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