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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Feb. 29, 2024

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Washington residents say no to raising taxes in advisory vote


In advisory measures that serve as a kind of opinion poll on actions of the Washington Legislature, voters were asked how they feel about two transportation-related taxes or premiums.

On Advisory Vote 39, 59% of the state’s voters in Tuesday’s count wanted a 7-cent-per-gallon increase in taxes on aircraft fuel “repealed,” while 40.8% wanted the increase “maintained.” The tax bump — projected by legislative staff to raise $26 million over 16 years — is part of the $17 billion, 16-year transportation funding package approved during the last session.

On Advisory Vote 40, dealing with transportation network companies — like Uber and Lyft — 47% of voters favored maintaining a premium.

State lawmakers directed the state Department of Labor & Industries to assess a premium on the companies to cover workers’ compensation insurance for drivers, part of which the companies can deduct from driver pay. The companies also must pay 15 cents of each passenger’s fare into a newly created “Driver Resource Center” meant to help resolve disputes between drivers and the companies.