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Saturday,  June 22 , 2024

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News / Clark County News

In the Service

The Columbian
Published: November 13, 2022, 5:02am

Javen Reed, a 2021 Skyview High School graduate, has completed an intensive 10-week training program to join the elite U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard. Since 1931 the Ceremonial Guard has represented the service in presidential, Joint Armed Forces, Navy, and public ceremonies in and around the nation’s capital, including presidential inaugurations and arrival ceremonies for foreign dignitaries.

“I most enjoy serving and working in our nation’s capital, and having the honor of laying to rest our brothers and sisters in arms,” said Reed.

After joining the Navy six months ago, Reed was hand-selected during boot camp for the Ceremonial Guard. Sailors in this position are chosen for their strict military order, discipline, and teamwork.

“To me, serving in the Navy means bringing honor to my family and those who have walked this path before me,” Reed said. “It also means honoring all those who have served in the military before me and fought for our freedom.”