Friday, December 9, 2022
Dec. 9, 2022

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Weather Eye: Summerlike weather before week turns cooler



October arrives Saturday. Are you ready? Seems like the summer came and went in a flash. And now autumn begins to show its splash. The first morning of fall on Friday really felt like it. Vancouver’s morning low temperature dipped to 46 degrees. Chilly but not as frigid as the record of 33 degrees way back in 1908.

Some outlying areas reached 40 degrees. Maybe there were some upper 30s. Soon frost-on-the-pumpkin mornings, but meanwhile summer tends to linger with sunny skies. Today we will see highs in the 85- to 90-degree range. If we make 90 degrees, will that be the last one of the year? It cools to around 85 degrees Monday and near 80 degrees Tuesday.

Then it is midweek, and once again, as has been the case many times this summer and early fall, a weak weather system arrives and promises some drizzle or light showers scattered about. Amounts won’t be all that great, but we are way behind in the rainfall department this month with less than a tenth of an inch of the wet stuff. Time to settle the dust, I think.

I wouldn’t worry much if you have outdoor projects going. Watch the forecast and adjust as needed before we dry out and warm back into the mid-70s Thursday and the weekend. We are running quite warm this month. At nearly 4 degrees above average, it’s shaping up to be one of the top ten warmest Septembers. We’ll see what these last few days do for us.

The trees are really changing, and I notice many are dropping their leaves as the hours of daylight are whisking away. Soon everything outside will be yellow and orange to match all the fall retail items in the stores.

It seems like the period between Labor Day and Christmas goes by so quickly, doesn’t it? Soon we will be in the rainy season and with overnight clearing and increasing foggy periods. Late summer blooms are dangling in the sunlight, bunnies and squirrels are busy scampering here and there, stashing their winter tidbits. Yes, nature is alive and well, preparing for the winter season that will be upon us soon.

Oh my, fiddle-de-dee, fiddle-de-dee, the weather is whatever it wants to be.