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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Feb. 22, 2024

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Letter: How to pay for immigrants?


While I sympathize with immigrants that are coming here for a better life by the millions, and for the other millions en route, I think we also need to think about how we are going to use taxpayer funds to provide care for them. Especially when we already have 10 percent of kids going to bed hungry. I wonder who is profiting from this mass influx. I know a cartel is raking in the money because most of these immigrants have to pay to come here.

Every year we have to pay more taxes because our government is overspending by the trillions. We have had millions of illegal immigrants come into our country this year alone, so my question is how are we going to fund their education, their medical bills, their housing and their food. New York City and Chicago are having problems paying the bills, not to mention cities in California, Texas and Nevada. Shoplifting is rampant. People that have trouble making ends meet do desperate things. I think it’s time to close the border, at least until we get a budget for all the newcomers.

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