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April 1, 2023

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Working in Clark County: Krista Davis, Recoil Bungee Fitness

By , Columbian news assistant
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Owner and instructor Krista Davis, center, leads exercise classes at Recoil Bungee Fitness in Vancouver.
Owner and instructor Krista Davis, center, leads exercise classes at Recoil Bungee Fitness in Vancouver. (Taylor Balkom/The Columbian) Photo Gallery

Who says working out can’t be fun? At a newly opened fitness studio in Vancouver, students trade running laps and lifting weights for bungee cords and acrobatics.

Krista Davis is the owner of Recoil Bungee Fitness Studio at 17030 S.E. First St., Suite 101. Bungee fitness is a motion-based resistance training program using elastic cords attached to students’ waists, combining the core traits of a well-rounded workout with the unique experience of aerobics and gymnastics. Because of its low-impact nature, Davis said bungee fitness can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, skill, or athletic level.

Students start with basic safety training, proper footwork, and technique before gradually working their way up to more advanced skills and routines. Seasoned class veterans focus on high-level workouts that challenge endurance and weight training. But regardless of level, each class is focused on having fun while staying fit, with most routines set to upbeat music.

“I think the secret to our success is just how deceptively fun bungee fitness is. The exercise is so enjoyable, students rarely feel like they’re working out. They’re just having fun,” Davis said. “I love hearing my students laughing and having fun in class. That level of joy is truly a unique thing in the fitness world.”

Davis has had a fascination with bungee fitness for many years but was sad there were no programs in Clark County. Finally, she decided to attend a master instructor’s certification class in Oklahoma City, Okla., and fill the niche. Her new business, Recoil Bungee Fitness, opened on Dec. 1.


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Since then, Davis has had her hands full, managing the gym’s online profiles and fielding customer service concerns in the morning before jumping into a sling and leading classes at the gym in the evening. She’s also the mother of twins who are gymnasts.

“I encourage anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur to take the leap and follow their passions,” Davis said. “Being a business owner is not easy by any means, but having something that you build come to life and be accepted and wanted in the community is such a rewarding feeling.”

With the popularity of bungee fitness steadily growing, Davis has goals to expand to downtown and Salmon Creek.

“I love this community and wanted to bring a fun and healthy option for people to spend time with their spouses, friends and co-workers,” Davis said. “My goal at Recoil is to bring the community together and be a steward in encouraging fun and health.”