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Thursday, September 21, 2023
Sept. 21, 2023

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Weather Eye: Weather to remain warm, dry through weekend


Tuesday we were back into the 90s for the first time this month with a high in Vancouver of 91 degrees, nearly 20 degrees above average. That was our sixth day with 90 degrees or higher and usually when we have several 90-degree days, the highs are at least in the mid- to upper- 90s. The warmest so far is 93 degrees. No complaints.

What happened on Wednesday with the forecasted 90 degrees? Weather is not always an exact science for sure. Clouds entered from the back door, so to speak, and filtered the sun enough to keep temperatures at 4 p.m. to only 81 degrees. The air mass aloft was plenty warm to give us another 90-degree day. Those clouds also raised the afternoon humidity into the “muggy” category in my book and doubled what we had on Tuesday.

We will cool down a bit Friday and Saturday but remain above seasonal normals and jump into the low 80s Sunday and Monday but remain dry into next week. Some morning low clouds are possible Friday and Saturday as well. We have yet to record a high temperature this month below average. The overnight lows are the opposite, most were below average.

The typical Rose Festival low that makes its appearance in early June in time for Portland’s festivities is absent this go around. A pleasant day on Saturday for the Grand Floral Parade. Meanwhile we are continuing to dry out and, with no chance of a soaker on the horizon, we are in the full summer watering regime. Especially when we get those brisk winds, like earlier in the week, things dry out so quickly.

Last year at this time we were in the grips of a cool and soggy month with nearly an inch of rain beginning June 9 with .42 of an inch and 1.30 inches on June 10. There were more showers on the days following. We finished June 2022 with 3.22 inches. Tomorrow we will have gone one month without measurable rain in the official rain bucket in Vancouver. We are in record territory folks.