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Thursday,  May 23 , 2024

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The following is presented as part of The Columbian’s Opinion content, which offers a point of view in order to provoke thought and debate of civic issues. Opinions represent the viewpoint of the author. Unsigned editorials represent the consensus opinion of The Columbian’s editorial board, which operates independently of the news department.

Letter: Preserve Climate Commitment Act

By Don Steinke, Vancouver
Published: April 12, 2024, 6:00am

Clark Public Utilities already is one of the most reliable utilities in America, and affordability is their next priority.

I have an electric-resistance water heater that needs to be replaced. I plan to replace it with a heat pump water heater, which is far more efficient. There could be 80,000 similar water heaters in Clark County. Replacing all of them as they age out would go a long way toward keeping our grid reliable.

Clark Public Utilities has 3,000 residential solar installations and is developing a distributed energy resource management system to maximize their benefit.

In Riverside County, Calif., they’re replacing a polluting power plant with a giant battery to store surplus solar during the day, to be used overnight. In Vermont, Green Mountain Power is giving everyone a home battery for the same reason.

The Climate Commitment Act provides incentives for projects like that. They will save money in the long term and help keep our grid reliable. Keep the Climate Commitment Act. Vote no on Initiative 2117.

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