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Wednesday,  June 12 , 2024

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C-Tran approves Vine extension to connect Vancouver Mall and Fisher’s Landing transit centers

The extension will run east on Fourth Plain and then south on 162nd/164th

By Dylan Jefferies, Columbian staff writer
Published: April 17, 2024, 2:10pm
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A 60-foot Vine bus  (The Columbian files)
A 60-foot Vine bus (The Columbian files) Photo Gallery

C-Tran officials approved an extension of its Fourth Plain Boulevard bus rapid transit line known as The Vine.

The extension approved Tuesday will connect the Van Mall Transit Center at Vancouver Mall and the Fisher’s Landing Transit Center in east Vancouver, running east on Fourth Plain Boulevard and then south on 162nd Avenue/164th Avenue.

The east end of Fourth Plain currently has few options for public transit. The new line will improve travel times, span of service and connections to the rest of the C-Tran system, according to C-Tran.

The expanded route also will serve a growing population. The corridor is expected to add more than 9,000 new jobs and 5,000 new households by 2040, according to a staff presentation.

C-Tran staff debated using the Mill Plain Transit Center as the southern terminus for the new line. However, following multiple town halls and several outreach activities with local advisory committees, stakeholder meetings and local business and community groups, officials selected Fisher’s Landing Transit Center as the southern terminus.

That transit center was selected for its ridership potential, local and regional transit connections, and current and future travel demand.

The extension of Fourth Plain line is 9 miles long and will include 34 stations. Travel time between Van Mall Transit Center and the Fisher’s Landing Transit Center is expected to be about 35 minutes in each direction. A virtual tour of the route can be viewed at www.youtube.com/@CTRANvancouver.

Including the extension, The Vine will cover about 15 miles total.

According to C-Tran, the extension will result in faster travel times and improved reliability through traffic signal modifications and other features. New stations will include updated amenities, such as large passenger information screens, improved shelters and easier boarding.

Many existing bus stops along east Fourth Plain do not meet accessibility standards or provide a comfortable waiting environment, according to the staff presentation.

The corridor is currently served by routes 30 and 74 with an average ridership of 1,200 people per day. According to C-Tran, 25 percent of people living along the corridor identify as a minority; more than 40 percent are younger than 18 or older than 65; and 10 percent of people don’t have access to a car.

The extension will connect the Fourth Plain, Mill Plain and Highway 99 Vines into one network.

In March 2023, C-Tran announced plans for a bus rapid transit route along Highway 99 between the Vancouver waterfront and Salmon Creek.

The Fourth Plain extension and the Highway 99 line are pegged to open in 2027.

The Vine first opened in 2017 on Fourth Plain Boulevard running from downtown Vancouver to Vancouver Mall. The Vine on Mill Plain opened in September.

Bus rapid transit uses various features to move passengers more efficiently and reliably, including larger buses, transit signal priority, seamless fare payments and level boarding platforms. The Vine runs roughly every 10 minutes at stops along its various routes.