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Wednesday,  April 24 , 2024

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Weather Eye: Cooler temperatures, snow possibly heading our way

By Patrick Timm, Columbian freelance columnist
Published: February 22, 2024, 6:00am

OK, here we go again it seems. You may have seen a snowflake or two on your weather app for late this weekend and early next week. Let me explain. A major shift in the jet stream occurs Sunday as the polar jet dives southward out over the ocean and into our local area. That will bring much colder air aloft and produce tons of mountain snow above 2,000 feet.

Colder air arrives early Monday and even the coastal passes will receive several inches so factor that in if traveling to the ocean beaches. Here in the lowlands, I do not foresee any snowfall except a mix of rain and snow at best here at city levels. Our foothills may be another story and once again get covered in the white stuff.

The middle of next week remains wet but with higher snow levels. Extended weather charts show an even colder air mass on the first day of March. That month may arrive roaring like a lion and sprinkling wet snow somewhere in the lowlands. Not unusual at the end of an El Nino winter.

Meanwhile skies clear today and we will enjoy at least partly sunny skies through Saturday. A bonus too, high temperatures will be in the upper 50s and maybe even 60 degrees on Friday. Can we do it? Maybe. This means it’s back to my spring jacket and then I switch to my winter coat for Monday. I think that will be the pattern for a while.

I presented some weather clues the other day. I have another one for you to try as we enter a chilly and wet pattern next week. If you are a coffee drinker, look at your cup and see if the bubbles are in the center of your cup, if so, expect fair weather. Signs of rain are when bubbles remain around the edge of the cup. If they are scattered in the cup, the weather will be changeable. How’s that for a mixed brew?

Maybe that works for hot chocolate, I’ll give it a try as the thermometer drops in a few days. Meanwhile, enjoy the taste of early spring and get out and enjoy the day and take good care.

Columbian freelance columnist