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Friday,  June 21 , 2024

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Walk & Knock welcomes back Justin Wood as president

The Columbian
Published: May 25, 2024, 5:57am

VANCOUVER — Walk & Knock welcomed back Justin Wood as its president at its recent annual meeting. A longtime volunteer for the annual food drive, Wood served as president from 2014 to 2019.

“Wood is Mr. Walk & Knock,” Past President Tom Knappenberger said. “He’s served as treasurer, sponsorship coordinator, area captain, web liaison, and always fills in wherever needed. He’s done it all.”

Wood has been involved with Walk & Knock since high school. At age 48, he’s one of the youngest Walk & Knock presidents. “I might be the youngest one on the board, but I’ve been around longer than most,” Wood often says.

Wood said that his focus will be on recruiting more volunteers. While donations increased last year back to pre-COVID levels, the number of volunteers picking up those donations has dropped steadily.

“The more folks we have out walking and knocking, the more donations we’re likely to get,” Wood said. “It’s a great one-day-a-year activity for youth, church groups, schools, businesses and social clubs. Walk & Knock can serve as a fun team-building activity.”