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Thursday, November 30, 2023
Nov. 30, 2023

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NerdWallet: How to pay for an expensive summer move

July 19, 2023, 8:22am Business

Packing your things and moving to a new home is a financial hurdle even in the best of times, but higher demand for moving-related services in the summer can send prices skyrocketing. Read story

Millennial Money: 4 takeaways from Netflix’s money shows

July 18, 2023, 7:42am Business

In the past year, streaming service Netflix has released two financially focused offerings: the film “Get Smart With Money” and the series “How to Get Rich.” Both feature powerhouse financial influencers who help people reevaluate their approaches to money to educate and empower them. Here are four takeaways that you… Read story

Palmer: What to consider before budgeting with the cash-stuffing method

July 17, 2023, 7:44am Business

When Giovanna “Gigi” Gonzalez wanted to cut back on her food spending, the finance expert and money coach applied what is known as the “cash-stuffing” method of budgeting. She put the cash she allotted to food for the week into an envelope and limited her spending to that amount. Read story

Layoffs happen to almost everyone, but the economy and labor market are still strong overall. Still, you'll need to make some smart moves with your money to cushion the transition.

Carmichael: Motherhood shouldn’t stifle women’s income

July 16, 2023, 6:02am Business

American mothers typically earn less than childless women, while fathers earn just as much as childless men. The “motherhood penalty” has been documented for years, and it’s the primary reason for the overall gender gap in earnings between men and women. But a just-published study throws open new questions about… Read story

Weston: Saving for retirement just got more complicated

July 15, 2023, 5:28am Business

The Secure Act 2.0 legislation that passed late last year added new retirement savings options but also has a few potential catches for unsuspecting savers. Understanding these possible pitfalls may help you make better decisions, or at least be prepared for what’s to come. Read story

NerdWallet: How behavioral economics can help you save on airfare

July 12, 2023, 7:30am Business

It’s not just you: Shopping for airfare is harder than ever. Choosing between basic economy and regular economy fares and navigating add-on fees makes booking more complicated, and that’s no accident. Airlines are harnessing lessons from a still-emerging academic field known as behavioral economics to nudge customers into spending more. Read story

Millennial Money: Stop using paper checks, already

July 11, 2023, 7:55am Business

Sure, you’re probably not using paper checks for most things. But are you returning payments to medical providers and insurance companies in the mail? Paying by check for the random parking ticket or your child’s piano lessons? Now is a good time to stop: Check fraud tied to mail theft… Read story

Hiltzik: How Mississippi gamed its national reading test scores to produce ‘miracle’ gains

July 10, 2023, 5:07am Business

The term has been shooting around the education field and news reports lately with increasing frequency: “the Mississippi miracle.” Read story

Bankrate: Can you get your credit card’s annual fee waived?

July 9, 2023, 5:12am Business

You get what you pay for. That old phrase applies to many financial decisions, including which credit cards you carry. While it’s certainly possible to get a great credit card with no annual fee, you generally have to pay for premium perks. That said, credit card issuers are sometimes open… Read story