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Thursday,  June 20 , 2024

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In Our View: Theft of curbside recyclables is a conundrum

February 24, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

Is it an annoyance, a problem or a threat? Read story

In Our View: Beaches’ finest offering: community service

February 23, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

When news broke this week that the owners of Beaches Restaurant and Bar would retire at the end of the year, surprisingly our first thought wasn’t about the Beach House Salad. Read story

In Our View: Stop pointing fingers and fix faltering FAFSA

February 22, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

Applying to college and figuring out the finances is stressful enough for students and families. The federal government has made it even more trying this year. Read story

In Our View: Providence drifts far from organization’s mission

February 21, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

Vancouver’s ties to the Providence health care system date back more than 150 years. Read story

In Our View: Leaders must hone visions for coming decades

February 20, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

In an effort to distill a complex process to a couple simple sentences, Alisha Smith does a pretty good job. Read story

Cheers & Jeers: School support; voter apathy

February 19, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

Cheers … and jeers: To school levy elections. The numbers are not final, but last week’s school levies in the Battle Ground, Camas, Green Mountain and Woodland districts appear headed for passage. Levies support day-to-day operations, technology and facilities maintenance and will help the districts maintain their educational levels. That… Read story

In Our View: Using housing fund outside city worth studying

February 17, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

Two things are evident from a Vancouver City Council discussion regarding the Affordable Housing Fund: More details are needed, and Clark County officials must be engaged in order for the region to reduce homelessness. Read story

In Our View: Legislature must crack down on renter junk fees

February 16, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

The practice of hidden or specious fees tacked onto rent requires action from the Legislature. As Washington grapples with a tight housing market and increasing homelessness, lawmakers should place their attention on the junk fees that landlords use to gouge renters. Read story

In Our View: Wind power prepares United States for future

February 15, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

When it comes to developing alternative energy and combating climate change, President Joe Biden is not just full of hot air. New plans for wind farms off the Oregon Coast add to the administration’s record of concrete projects preparing for the nation’s energy future. Read story

In Our View: Boeing case highlights regulators’ critical role

February 14, 2024, 6:03am Editorials

Repercussions from a loose door plug on a Boeing 737 Max 9 extend beyond the danger posed to air travelers and the scrutiny brought to the aerospace giant. They speak to ongoing political debates about the role of the regulatory state and the proper balance between economic concerns and government… Read story