Thursday, October 21, 2021
Oct. 21, 2021

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In Our View: Inoculation still best way to fight latest surge

August 12, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

Among the latest talking points from those desiring to downplay the coronavirus pandemic is the mortality rate. Read story

In Our View: Consumers could feel chip crunch for years

August 11, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

A tiny piece of our vehicles, refrigerators, phones, game consoles and even electric toothbrushes promises to have a huge impact on American consumers. A global shortage of microchips – the brains behind devices that power our everyday lives – is expected to drive up prices for the foreseeable future. Read story

In Our View: Act locally to be part of global climate solution

August 10, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

The axiom that humans should think globally but act locally applies to climate change. While a municipality, state or nation cannot single-handedly reverse the threat of a changing climate, the moral imperative for action exists at all levels of government. Read story

In Our View: Time will tell on public-option health insurance

August 9, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

Washington’s public-option health plan demonstrates the complexities of American health care, which often poorly serves patients and providers. Lawmakers must continue to evaluate the first-in-the-nation system to ensure that it is working as promised. Read story

In Our View: Regulated campsites must be part of solution

August 8, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

Unregulated encampments are a blight on Vancouver, posing environmental and safety hazards for people who live in them and diminishing the quality of life for all of the city’s residents. While it is likely that most community members agree with that assessment, forging consensus on solutions is more problematic. Read story

Cheers & Jeers: Family Fun; COVID again

August 7, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

Cheers: To family fun. It’s not quite the Clark County Fair, but officials are providing an alternative. A Family Fun series is being held at the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds through mid-August, filling in some of the gaps caused by cancellation of the annual exposition. A rodeo… Read story

In Our View: Ferguson right to challenge opioid deal

August 6, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

The state health department estimates that nearly 10,000 Washington residents have died as the result of a decades-long opioid crisis. While no amount of money can make up for lost and ruined lives, accountability must be delivered in the name of justice. Read story

In Our View: WA Cares Fund comes with concerns

August 5, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

Washington workers might soon be in for a surprise. Under the WA Cares Fund, employees will begin paying into the state’s long-term care fund in January through a payroll deduction. Read story

In Our View: Invasive species imperil environment, economy

August 4, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

The discovery July 22 of eight pythons in Lacamas Park in Camas was what we in the news business call a “talker,” that is, a story that’s not necessarily important in the big scheme of things, but captures the public’s attention. Read story

In Our View: Gov. Inslee wise to follow CDC mask guidance

August 3, 2021, 6:03am Editorials

Frustration and confusion are understandable. The thought of renewed mask recommendations to fight COVID-19 might seem oppressive, but Gov. Jay Inslee was blunt last week about the choices facing Washington residents and leaders. Read story