Out and about: Vancouver Wildlife League meeting Nov. 1

October 25, 2017, 9:42 PM

Vancouver Wildlife League meeting Nov. 1

Nature’s Feast: Natural goose or duck jerky

October 18, 2017, 11:16 PM

Recipes for the modern hunter-gatherer

Fishing report, Oct. 19

October 18, 2017, 11:14 PM

White sturgeon retention is open on Saturday from Wauna Powerlines upstream to Bonneville Dam.

Out and About: Two days of sturgeon retention

October 18, 2017, 11:12 PM

Out and About

Hiking: A Fiesta of Fall Colors

October 18, 2017, 10:58 PM

Autumn brings cool nights, warm days, fall colors, and active wildlife. One of the best ways to enjoy all this is to go hiking. There are dozens of exceptional fall hikes in Southwest Washington and the biggest challenge can be deciding which trail to take.

Fish-farming company offered money for Lummi Nation’s silence about net pens, letters show

October 12, 2017, 10:28 AM

Cooke Aquaculture offered to pay a premium price for Atlantic salmon caught by the Lummi Nation after a major spill from the company’s Cypress Island fish farm if the tribe would not advocate getting rid of net pen aquaculture.

Fall Trout Whereabouts: Goose Lake offers prime mountain spot

October 11, 2017, 11:19 PM

Goose Lake is well known for its great autumn trout fishing. On our first excursion to the lake my son Jeff and I wondered: would it live up to its reputation?

Nature’s feast: Smoked Trout

October 11, 2017, 11:16 PM

Trout are a fish that smokes well, especially the larger fish. When you are lucky enough to catch a mess of trout in the one to three pound range, try this recipe.

Fishing Report, Oct. 12

October 11, 2017, 11:12 PM

The fall salmon season is open from Buoy 10 upstream to the Oregon/Washington Border above McNary Dam. An estimated 487,000 fall Chinook and 319,300 coho are expected to return to the Columbia River this fall.

Out and About: Rifle deer season opens Oct. 14

October 11, 2017, 11:11 PM

Rifle deer seasons to open Oct. 14

Out and About: First razor clam dig of the season in doubt

October 4, 2017, 11:04 PM

Razor clam hunters should check the WDFW website before heading out for the announced first-of-the-season clam dig scheduled for October 6 and 7 this week. Rising levels of toxins in the shellfish may halt the digging before it begins.

Fishing report, Oct. 5

October 4, 2017, 10:59 PM

The fall salmon season is open from Buoy 10 upstream to the Oregon/Washington Border above McNary Dam.

Deer hunting season: Harsh winter challenged animals in SW Washington

October 4, 2017, 10:54 PM

The general rifle deer season will open on Saturday, Oct. 14.

Nature’s Feast: Roast Venison with salt pork

October 4, 2017, 10:53 PM

Roast Venison with salt pork

Idaho sockeye salmon run falters on poor return

September 28, 2017, 6:02 AM

BOISE, Idaho — The number of imperiled Snake River sockeye salmon that made it back to central Idaho this year is the second worst in the last decade, officials said, but enough hatchery-raised fish exist to keep a state and federal recovery program going.