Weather Eye: 80-degree weather might be shining on county this weekend



A brand new month and a brand new weather pattern on the way?

Well, I think maybe so, yay!

As mentioned here earlier in the week the possibility of 80-degree weather this weekend was in sight. It now looks like it may very well be our warmest days of the season finally. An outside chance the pressure pattern may shift one way or another yet, so very difficult to forecast exact high temperatures.

The reason why is that we still have a flow from the north out over the ocean waters and another low dropping southward later tonight and Friday. The plan is that it parks itself off California, allowing a thermal trough of low pressure (our heat low) to move up our way and possibly bring highs in the 70s along the ocean beaches but most likely 60s.

By Sunday it kicks inland and will switch the pattern to more onshore and we may reside under a more typical June pattern all next week. Are you ready for this? Morning clouds and afternoon sunshine with highs about average for early June, in addition, pleasant afternoon northwest breezes.

This would be good news for local strawberry growers, allowing the ground to dry out and bring on the blossoms! Nothing is better than eating local strawberries, unless you can top them on shortbread and a dash of whipping cream. Yummy.

June 5-11 is Rip Current Awareness Week and the local National Weather Service Office has a link for more information at Good timing since our weather will be a bit drier and warmer; some of you may be heading to the beach. One should always be aware of conditions in the surf along our ocean beaches. I know at Ocean Shores you should never go out in the waves due to tremendous rip currents.

Many of you have asked me where one can get more information on the rising Columbia River. On the Web, go to: Columbia River

It seems to be such a novelty this year to many but we have had high water many times in the past, although it has been a decade or so. Things should remain stable unless warm weather reaches the upper Columbia and Montana, ushering more flow to the system.

Enjoy the “hot” weekend everyone.

Pat Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at