Letter: Keep Salmon Creek trail great



I have to express my disappointment regarding the 2012 Best of Clark County insert published March 28. Readers chose Salmon Creek Trail as the “best place to walk your dog.” Yes, if their pets are leashed, but the story mentioned “wide open meadows to chase sticks and balls … and watery splash spots.” These activities are illegal since they require the dog to be off leash, and Salmon Creek Trail is not an off-leash area. I’ve had run-ins with owners of loose, unleashed dogs running up to me on that trail. Further, there are deer, ducks and other wildlife that are supposed to be protected from loose dogs. That is the reason Clark County has posted signs in the area notifying people that dogs must be leashed.

This item will only encourage more people to break the leash laws. We don’t need any more irresponsible dog owners in that beautiful area. Let’s keep it a great place.

Carl Tuttle