Letter: Top two primary editorial off base



This is in response to The Columbian’s April 22 editorial, “Stupendous Stubbornness,” on the top two primary.

Stubbornness is frequently applauded in our free country, but not in the world of The Columbian. The top two primary and your editorial stomp on the rights of political parties to control the use of their label (Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, Green, etc.) in identifying candidates for political office.

It is interesting that in the same issue of your newspaper, on the facing page, columnist George Will states, “the fundamental rights concern the liberty of individuals, not the prerogatives of the collectivity — least of all when it (the government) acts to the detriment of individual liberty.”

Voters should examine all viewpoints in the “market of liberty,” and a community-oriented newspaper should present all those viewpoints to the voters. The opinion of the editorial board is important, but not paramount.

Making life easy for the voters is not on my agenda; mainly I want to help protect them from big government.

Ralph C. Edwards