Weather Eye: Weather more like winter than spring



When it rains, it pours as the lion roars.

I think that would sum up our Monday weather scene, don’t you think?

Local wind gusts were 25-50 mph, with the strongest speeds across the Columbia River. Portland International Airport had a gust of 48 mph, compared to 33 mph at Pearson Field. Forest Grove, Ore., reported a gust of 51 mph. Back in Clark County, in the Salmon Creek area, I recorded gusts only to 29 mph. Winds along the coast and in the higher elevations ranged all the way up to 80 mph.

The cold air following Monday’s front was depositing snow along the Washington Coast. Just outside of Hoquiam at 5 p.m., amounts were topping 2 inches.

And this is March, right?

Once again, there’s the possibility of wet snow in Clark County overnight into Tuesday.

If so, and if it sticks to the ground, it would be the third Tuesday morning when some snow fell here in the lower elevations. Late school starts for outlying districts? Maybe.

In any event, the rest of the week looks much more like winter than spring. Another strong storm is expected to hit late in the week, with snow levels most likely running 1,000 feet and above clear through the weekend.

weather observer Tyler Mode of Battle Ground reported from Fairbanks, Alaska, on Monday morning that it was 8 degrees below zero there. He said he hopes to get some great weather photographs and was hoping for some clear skies as well.

You may recall that Jim Knoll of Orchards was waiting to see if he recorded a freezing temperature on Leap Day, Feb. 29. In his 30 years of recording weather locally, he has never recorded a temperature below 36 degrees on that day.

Well, skies did clear overnight but, alas, he reports a low of 34 degrees. Not freezing, but still the coldest for him in 30 years for that date. Maybe in 2016?

He also jokingly remarks in his email, “With all the police mystery shows on TV, there could be a really good mystery show titled, ‘What Will the Weather Be Tomorrow?’ ”

I had a good chuckle on that one. Thanks for making my day.

Enjoy your week of March weather surprises.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at