Weather Eye: Blustery weather to make a return



Somehow we managed to see the sun shine three days in a row, even with a few bouts of clouds and some very light sprinkles. Now that is in the past and Tuesday, March 27 brings a series of Pacific weather systems with mountain snows and valley rains and quite breezy conditions, especially along the coast.

Typical March weather, I would say.

With more than 5 inches in the rain bucket so far this month for Vancouver, I am thinking we could easily be close to matching the 6.78 inches of rain that fell in March 2011. Some of the moisture heading our way is tropical in nature and if we get in the bull’s-eye, well …

Looking across the rest of the country there certainly is a variety of weather, with wildfires in Colorado and tornado watches in some of the Midwest. The so-called summer in March that set many records from Michigan to the Eastern Seaboard will be tempered the next couple of days. The warmth brought out the flowers on the fruit trees and now freeze warnings are in effect in many states clear to Washington, D.C. with overnight lows forecast to be in the 20s.

I certainly don’t see any problems with freezing temperatures locally, if it were we would be having snow again! Looking ahead to the next round of spring break we may, keep your fingers crossed, get a ridge of high pressure for a few days of warm and sunny weather. No promises but something to hang your hat on.

In the weather forecasting business there are no guarantees and no refunds! Have to have a little humor here, don’t we, just to keep things on the lighter side?

Enjoy your week and keep dry, we will chat on Thursday.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at