Fishing report 10/18

By Allen Thomas, Columbian outdoors reporter



Salmon and summer steelhead fishing has about run its course for the year with a few exceptions like the Cowlitz, North Fork of the Lewis and Klickitat rivers.

A very poor late coho run is materializing this fall, so don't expect much there.

Walleye anglers are getting a few fish at Washougal. There's always a few trout at Swift Reservoir to scratch out in late October and early November, plus trolling for steelhead in the lower John Day River in Oregon is often quite good in November.

Angler checks and related information from the Washington (WDFW) and Oregon (ODFW) departments of Fish and Wildlife:

Lower Columbia — Longview to Portland, 39 boaters with three adult coho and three jack chinook kept. (ODFW)

Longview, five bank rods with no salmon or steelhead. (WDFW)

Cowlitz River mouth, two boaters with no salmon or steelhead. (WDFW)

Kalama, 10 boaters with one adult fall chinook; 24 bank rods with no catch. (WDFW)

Woodland, 13 boaters and seven bank rods with no catch. (WDFW)

Warrior Rock to Kelley Point, 13 boaters with two adult chinook kept; 24 bank rods with two steelhead kept. (WDFW)

Troutdale, 50 boaters with five adult fall chinook, one jack chinook and one adult coho kept; 12 boaters with 24 walleye kept and nine walleye released. (ODFW)

Camas-Washougal, 58 boaters with one adult and one jack chinook kept; 11 boaters with 19 walleye kept and 10 released. (WDFW)

North Bonneville, 32 bank rods with three adult chinook, one jack chinook, two adult coho and five steelhead kept plus two steelhead released; two boaters with no walleye. (WDFW)

Mid-Columbia — Bonneville pool, 46 boaters with six chinook and eight coho kept. (WDFW)

The Dalles pool, three boaters with one legal sturgeon kept plus one oversize and two sublegals released; eight bank rods with 14 sublegal sturgeon released; 10 bank rods with no salmon or steelhead; seven boaters with one steelhead kept and five released. (WDFW)

John Day pool and John Day River arm, 43 boats with seven steelhead kept and 30 steelhead released; three Oregon bank rods with five steelhead kept. (ODFW)

Cowlitz — Ten boaters with two adult coho kept. (WDFW)

Kalama — Five bank rods with one steelhead kept and two adult chinook released. (WDFW)

Lewis — Six boaters with one adult coho kept. (WDFW)

North Fork Lewis — Ninety boaters with 22 adult chinook, 18 jack chinook, one adult coho and one steelhead kept plus two adult chinook, one jack chinook and one adult coho released; 33 banker rods with two steelhead kept. (WDFW)

Washougal — Nine bank rods with no salmon. (WDFW)

Drano Lake — Two boaters with three adult chinook kept. (WDFW)

White Salmon — Five bank rods with no catch. (WDFW)

Klickitat — Twelve bank rods with eight adult chinook and two jacks kept plus eight boaters six adult chinook and six jacks kept. (WDFW)