Letter: How much more can nation endure?



I would like to respond to the Jan. 19 letter, “Obama won; deal with it,” by Rich Stever. We will have to endure the election of Barack Obama just as long as Stever has to endure the Republicans. We all have to endure situations we do not like.

Stever needs to be corrected on some points. Obama does not listen, he completely ignored his own commission on the debt. He does not speak the truth all the time. He called Bush un-American for his debt problem but now he says nothing about his, which is twice as much.

I would like to know what the majority is. Somehow 52 percent is a majority? That means that 48 percent do not agree. Figure out the numbers based on 320 million Americans.

I do not care what color Obama’s skin is; I care about what color his politics are. Blue. The Second Amendment says a well-regulated militia, not etc., but the right of the citizens to bear arms. The words that need to be addressed are “shall not be infringed.”

I will wait to see how we are doing next year at this time. The debt ceiling is at $16 trillion and counting. My question is how far do we want to go — $50 trillion, $100 trillion? It has to stop or our country will cease to exist.

Bruce R. Knutson