Letter: Right to home protection is crucial




In his March 7 letter, “Background checks is one step,” Roy G. Wilson states that gun owners should be held legally responsible if their gun is stolen and used in a crime. As a longtime revolver owner for home security, I take great exception to such an idea and can’t even imagine that this would ever become law.

To follow that faulty line of thinking, let us propose that Wilson’s car was stolen. Would he agree if a law was placed in effect that would make him criminally responsible if the car thief used it in the commitment of a bank robbery or killed someone in an accident resulting in a manslaughter charge? I am absolutely certain that Wilson wouldn’t consider the law fair if he was held accountable.

My home-protection revolver was purchased new through a local Vancouver gun shop that ran a background check on me before I could take possession of the gun. I am one of millions of sane and lawful citizens who is prepared if someone with criminal intent threatens the sanctity of my home. The chances of that occurring are low, fortunately, but my revolver could be crucial in the time frame between a 911 call and the arrival of help from local law enforcement.

Carl Tuttle