Letter: Be attentive to reaction to vaccine



I read a May 6 Columbian story, “Younger girls may not need 3 HPV shots; Study: Girls 9-13 protected after 2 doses of vaccine.” Three years ago, my daughter received two shots and got very ill. We spent many days at Legacy Emanuel and OHSU, where it was agreed that her illness, which had all the symptoms of lupus, was triggered by the HPV virus. After a lot of tests and stress, I have done research on my own and come to the conclusion that everyone should first be tested for autoimmune disease. There are certain foreign vaccines that can trigger autoimmune disease. No one should be given any shots of any kind without first being tested for autoimmune disease, which I believe is hereditary.

Anyone who knows someone who has become ill after receiving HPV shots should immediately report it to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the government website for parties who have had side effects from vaccines. The surveillance program is sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I was contacted right away. A reaction needs to be reported.

Do not let your child have this vaccine without research and testing first. My daughter now has a lifelong illness that could be life-threatening.

Karen Rigley