Letter: Many pitch in for Battle Ground



In her Jan. 23 letter, “Good work in Battle Ground,” Phyllis Cimino wrote that she is grateful to “whomever has been cleaning litter from alongside state Highway 503.”

The Battle Ground Rotary Club (battlegroundrotary.org) is proud to have a role in the upkeep of that busy thoroughfare (also known as the Lewisville Highway) from Eaton Boulevard on the south (aka Northeast 199th Street) to Onsdorff Boulevard on the north. Last summer and fall, our members picked up litter and trash on both sides of the highway along that stretch and will do so again this year.

We are just one of numerous clubs, businesses, families and individuals that volunteer for the Washington Department of Transportation’s “Adopt a Highway” program (www.wsdot.wa.gov/operations/adoptahwy/) in Clark County and statewide.

It is pleasing to have this effort acknowledged in the newspaper and we urge other groups to “adopt a highway.” But even more so, we urge motorists to keep their litter, including cigarette butts, in their cars until they can dispose of it in a trash can.

Mike Simpson