Weather Eye: Springtime skies bring us surprises — but then, they often have




I like to see what I was writing about years ago. My column 10 years ago said: “That upper level low pressure system I mentioned last weekend that would hang around for a while this week did exactly that. It rotated bands of moisture causing some moderate to severe thunderstorms to drench many areas in Washington and Oregon. One band of thunderstorms moved over Clark County gave quite a light show with lots of lightning and even some dime size hail reported in Brush Prairie.”

This year, we had an interesting week of weather going from warm to cool and from dry to wet. Blustery winds, heavy rain showers. Let’s not forget the scattered thunderstorms especially on Sunday. A funnel cloud was sighted in Ridgefield and lightning lit the skies over most of Clark County at one time or another.

Portland set a new record for rainfall Sunday, with over an inch. Amounts varied around Clark County from one-third to over an inch. Hail was reported along with strong gusty winds.

The National Weather Service in Portland even issued short term thunderstorm warnings as the heavy cells moved in from the west.

And so it goes folks. It is still spring and as cold air aloft moves overhead coupled with sunbreaks and daytime heating, the fireworks kick off.

So what about the holiday weekend? It appears after a few nice days, Friday will see a change as yet another upper-level low drops over us. Weak at first, it may kick off showers and be reinforced by Sunday. If you have outdoor plans, have plan B ready just in case.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at