Flowers ‘put some smiles on faces’

Petal It Forward campaign promotes local flower growers through surprise bouquets




Flower bouquets found their ways next to some Burgerville baskets during lunch Wednesday as part of a national campaign to encourage people to buy from local flower growers.

The annual Petal It Forward campaign, organized by the Society of American Florists, hurried florists outside to surprise people with two bouquets of flowers and instructions to give one of them away.

Holland America Flowers took part in the event by surprising people and business owners in Woodland and Battle Ground, handing out about 200 bouquets in Clark County. Its sister farm in Arroyo Grande, Calif., gave out another 300, said owner Benno Dobbe.

Dobbe, who founded the flower farm in 1980, said he hoped to “put some smiles on faces.” Together, the two farms have more than 200 acres of flowers and more than 100 full-time workers.