Monday, June 1, 2020
June 1, 2020

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Morning Press: Rep. Pike retiring; Mount St. Helen’s survivors; New Arc thrift store


After the sunny and warm weekend, find out what it is in store for the work week with our local weather coverage.

Here are some of the stories that you may have missed from over the weekend.

Rep. Liz Pike announces retirement from politics

Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, announced late Friday evening she is withdrawing from the race for Clark County council chair. She will finish her term as representative for the 18th District and retire from politics, according to an open letter Pike posted on Facebook.

Pike first announced she would seek the county chair seat in August, running against Marc Boldt who currently holds the position.

Find out more about Rep. Pike’s decision to retire from politics.

Tales of survival during Mount St. Helens eruption part of PBS series

“Don’t waste a miracle.”

That’s what Sue Nystrom tells herself when she considers her narrow escape that Sunday morning on Mount St. Helens.

Nystrom and her boyfriend were trudging through a wasteland of volcanic ash and toppled trees, trying to find help for four friends. Suddenly, helped dropped from the sky. It was a National Guard helicopter piloted by Mike Cairns.

Read the reunion stories from Mount St. Helen’s featured in the PBS series.

New thrift store appears on horizon for The Arc

If all goes as planned, Vancouver Plaza will get a new thrift store this spring run by and benefiting The Arc of Southwest Washington.

The nonprofit’s contract with Value Village is ending in April, said Executive Director David Wunderlin. Although the Vancouver Value Village store closed in November 2016, the local Arc continues collecting used goods and selling them to Value Village at a per-pound rate. The closest Value Village store is in Tigard, Ore.

Find out about the plans for a new thrift store.

Time in classroom inspires murder (series) for Vancouver teacher, author

A cold human resources director nicknamed Big Chill.

A teacher who tells the main character the faculty bathroom is for real teachers only.

And an orange, fluffy dog named Cheese Puff.

These are some of the characters that fill the pages of Vancouver substitute teacher Carolyn Rose’s series of mystery novels. Her series, “Subbing Isn’t for Sissies,” is loosely inspired by her experience surrounded by the chaos of teenagers and rapidly shifting priorities as a frequent substitute teacher at Hudson’s Bay High School.

Read more about the Hudson’s Bay substitute teacher is using her time in the classroom to craft chilling tales.

Food & Drink: Line & Lure hooks you with loaded buffet

As I sat in my booth at Line & Lure, I overheard my server, Denise Cheard, talk to the couple behind me. She asked if they wanted dessert and the man declined. Cheard responded, “No dessert? You’ve got to pace yourself, man.” He replied, “I went in too hard and fast.”

Fortunately for me, I had time to consider how to tackle the new Sunday seafood buffet at Line & Lure. My Grandpa Harry, a buffet champ, is no longer with us to guide me, so I consulted the internet. My favorite piece offering buffet advice was on Wiki-how (it included drawings). Overall, what I learned from the internet was: wear loose clothing, don’t wear any pants with buttons, drink water the day before to stretch your stomach, don’t show up starving, eat the expensive items on the buffet first, don’t fill up on carbs and soda, survey the entire buffet before loading your plate, and eat slowly.

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