Sunday, February 23, 2020
Feb. 23, 2020

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Weather Eye: Don’t let a lack of lowland snow dampen your spirits this season


One of my favorite winter and holiday songs is “Winter Wonderland.” Well, I certainly cannot produce, no matter how hard I try, a white forecast here in the lowlands — even by the time Christmas arrives.

But, no worries. The mountains are getting plenty, between 2 and 4 feet by Monday in the highest elevations, and a foot or two perhaps at Government Camp. That is a short drive, and that is where you will have to go to be singing that winter holiday song.

However, while writing my column during Wednesday’s cool, cloudy and wet afternoon hours, I arranged a few lyrics to present our current weather conditions.

OK, imagine (deeply) this to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”: “Automobile horns honk, are you listening? In the headlights, the rain is glistening. A difficult sight, glaring at night, we’re driving in a winter wet rain. Gone away is the sunshine, here to stay is the rain shine. It gets us wet as we go along, walking in a winter wet rain. In the meadow, we’ll get our shoes nice and muddy. When back at home, she’ll say where have you been? I’ll say walking in the wet rain again. Later on, I’ll watch the TV weather, to face unafraid seven more days of walking in the wet rainy weather. Christmas bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, I wish the snow was glistening. I’m happy tonight, by only the firelight, just dreaming of a winter wonderland.”

Temperatures will continue to cool as showers tease us over the weekend. We’ll get a break early next week, then I believe more rain and snow will hit the Pacific Northwest.