Saturday, November 28, 2020
Nov. 28, 2020

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Weather Eye: November on track for rain


A juicy autumn storm will approach the coast early today bringing strong winds and heavy rain. As of my writing Monday afternoon, the storm appeared to remain a bit far off the coast for a damaging windstorm there. As always things could change.

A high wind warning was issued for our coast for winds 65 to 75 mph with higher gusts on the headlands.

Locally, easterly winds ahead of the front will keep us from strong southerly winds at first. As mentioned, the storm track is expected to remain off the coast heading toward Vancouver Island which would bring us winds of only 35 to 45 mph. Much like we had last week.

Snow levels are high but lowering tonight and Wednesday with more moderate to heavy snow in the Cascades. Warm rains fell Monday and for part of today. Hopefully not too much snow melted, but rather soaked up the rain and compacted.

The snowpack measured the other day was the heaviest for so early in the year in a long while.

Things will calm down Thursday through Saturday before we get more weather action by late in the weekend.

Saturday may be a nice dry day to rake up the leaves, string the holiday lights or for other outdoor activities.

Despite several storms this month with heavy rain and gusty winds, there were still some brilliant leaves on some of the trees. Driving around in the Salmon Creek area Sunday I would see a row of bare branches on trees with others in the background in brilliant reds and oranges.

Thank you, nature, for keeping some remnants of fall for us to enjoy as we ease into the starkness of winter.

We are on track to get at least the usual dose of rain in November with 3.5 inches in the rain bucket here in Vancouver so far. While we are waiting for our society to get back to “normal,” we have our weather working for us, building the snowpack and recharging the aquifers. Always some good news if you look for it.

Take good care this stormy day, be safe and we will get together on Thursday for another chat and to review last month’s rainfall.