Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Jan. 20, 2021

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Weather Eye: Things calm a bit after all of that recent activity



We certainly had something to write home about with the huge rainstorm that encompassed the Northwest the past several days. And as a kicker, high winds from the west which caused many power outages and downed trees.

The storm front hovered over the great Pacific Northwest for several days, and as the back side of the clouds and precipitation moved across the region, nature was saying enough of this stuff and pushed the storm well to our east and in quick fashion. It is unusual to get such a strong wind from the west like we did.

Wind speeds of 40-50 mph even for the short duration were enough to cause mayhem as the ground was certainly soaked. Many trees toppled onto power lines. I used to boast to my wife when we first moved into a newly built neighborhood with underground utilities in Felida that now she wouldn’t have to worry about numerous power outages. That was in December 1995. Then as you may remember, a windstorm knocked the power out for nearly a week. I never live that one down.

Rain, what about that? Wow, river flooding, mudslides and local ponding. All that water and nowhere to go, it seemed. The ski areas lost at least a foot or more of snow, leaving what is left a soggy mess.

Vancouver’s monthly rainfall to date as of 4 p.m. Wednesday was 5.93 inches with 1.89 inches falling on Tuesday alone. And that is over one-half inch more rain than fell in the entire month of December.

What about the warm temperatures? The Pineapple Express brought not only tons of tropic-like rain but warm temperatures. Vancouver’s high Tuesday was 61 degrees, breaking the record of 58 degrees set back in 1912. Considering that our average high and low is 47 and 35 degrees, Tuesday’s low temperature of 45 degrees was nearly what the high temperature should be.

The weather the next several days will be tame compared to the recent activity. A few light showers overnight tonight, overnight Friday and Sunday. Daytime hours should be mostly dry. Temperatures are more seasonal.

Cold and snow? Stay tuned.