Saturday, April 17, 2021
April 17, 2021

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Letter: Heights plan represents progress


When I first learned that the city of Vancouver had purchased the Tower Mall property in 2017, I was curious about the redevelopment of the parcel mostly devoid of businesses.

Soon after, as residents of nearby Edgewood Park, my husband and I were invited to cast votes in favor of one of three well-designed plans. A common theme was to transform The Heights neighborhood into an active multigenerational community with mixed residential and retail spaces that will be walkable to schools and parks. Also to employment such as PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, where I currently work. I feel that I am a sought-after demographic for the project and I could easily see myself downsizing to a townhouse in the development.

The negativity I have seen expressed from some long-term residents of The Heights is a shortsighted view of urban infill, thinking that it will ruin their current neighborhood.

I see it as a progressive step toward creating a thriving midtown hub for Vancouver.

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