Friday, November 26, 2021
Nov. 26, 2021

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Weather Eye: We’ll exchange frost, fog for scattered showers today


Had enough of frosty and foggy conditions? We will exchange that for rain showers today — not heavy but scattered about, with partial clearing. A cool air mass and damp conditions will entice fog and scattered frost to return Wednesday morning, however.

It’s that time of the year, folks. November has to get that pesky fog in the observation records.

At least it will be dry but cool. Thanksgiving brings more steady rain later in the day and warmer temperatures. We’ll see showers into Friday, but if the forecast models hold, we’ll have a nice, dry weekend. Of course, rain will remain quite close to our north.

If you go out for the annual turkey trot on Thursday morning, you should remain dry — except for perspiration, of course. If your plans include traveling over the mountain passes, there will be snow showers, possibly heavy at times today, ending tonight. So be prepared.

Heading south into Oregon, you’ll be fine. Northward to Seattle, it’ll stay above freezing, but the roads will be wet.

The National Climate Service predicts conditions from December through February to be colder and wetter than normal. That means an opportunity to build a good snowpack in the Cascades. It also improves our chances in the lowlands for a couple of snowfalls.

We are entering our darkest and most gloomy time of the year, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel, right? In a month, we will slowly turn things around and begin ever so slowly to regain daylight. But between now and Dec. 22, we will lose another half-hour of light.

There is plenty of cold air to our far north. Fairbanks, Alaska, was minus 22 degrees. In the Yukon, conditions are harsh.

Weather watchers are always drooling over the long-range forecast models. The second week of December may bring us a cold wave and some snow. It’s too far out to place solid bets, so we can only dream at this point.

But this is a good time to winterize things around your house and yard.