Saturday, December 4, 2021
Dec. 4, 2021

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Weather Eye: Best wishes for holiday; expect rain showers soon

The Columbian

Happy Thanksgiving! We certainly have a basket full of blessings to think about even with living in another pandemic year. I’ll just do my part on the weather stuff, and you can do the rest. We live in perhaps an ideal region with a mild temperate climate. Yes, it rains but that is what keeps us green and fresh.

We easily survive any cold arctic outbreaks, chilly but they don’t last. Heat waves are tempered by the nearby Pacific Ocean waters that usher in the refreshing seas breezes. Gardens grow lush, wildlife flourishes and recreational sites abound. Which leads me to my usual writing this time of the year.

I want to offer my annual Thanksgiving poem: “I look up at the sky and give thanks for the rain, hail, and snows; to fulfill our needs as only our creator knows. We complain about the heat, the cold, and the rain; but we’re given a variety to keep us sane. The dark clouds may come, but a rainbow will appear, to comfort and tell us our creator is near. We’re given the seasons — summer, fall, winter, and spring; each with their own weather they do bring. Symbolizing a beginning, growth, and death. But the wind keeps on blowing and never runs out of breath. We have acquired the knowledge of the sky, and will keep on learning, that’s no lie. As a shower that moves through and off to the east, this I would like to say at least: “Have a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful feast.”

What a year of weather surprises we had this go around.

That record heat wave and several days over 100 degrees including a record 115 degrees on June 28. Once in a lifetime or even two event. I am wearing my vest to keep warm around the house now as that becomes a distant memory. Let’s not forget the other extreme with snow and cold on February 12, 13, and 14. That ended with quite an ice storm that left many of us in the dark.

Again, best wishes and thankfulness for today. Rain or showers heading our way beyond the holiday. Take good care.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.