Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Feb. 1, 2023

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Weather Eye: Beware of fog; colder conditions will soon be upon us


We have a variety of sky conditions in the forecast this week. With calm winds and long night hours existing, fog is a major concern. Then after it clears, we may have clouds rolling by at times and most importantly, we will see some sunshine as well. How long any fog will persist is anyone’s guess as that determines the amount of sunshine.

As we chatted the other day we are still looking at colder conditions arriving this weekend with lowering snow levels. The flow of air will be coming down from the Canadian provinces so moisture will be limited, at least at first. Next week may be a whole new scenario. East winds will be back with us and assist in dragging some of that cold Canadian air that will settle in over Eastern Washington.

Yep, winter returns so be prepared for our overnight lows dropping from the 30s well down in the 20s here in the main urban areas but perhaps upper teens next week in the outlying areas. Highs may linger in the 30s. Our coldest temperatures since our last cold snap prior to Christmas.

I don’t see a major snowstorm developing this far out, no heavy rainstorms and no big windstorms. But the colder air will have its impact. The bulk of cold arctic air will slip down east of the Rockies as usual, but the air mass will be so huge and widespread that some of that modified arctic air will move westward toward us. Lucky, eh? Maybe not.

Meanwhile we are gaining three minutes or so of daylight each day and I am anxious to move the outside furniture on the deck to catch the weak rays of sunshine that occasionally shine down upon us. However, I know it is too soon and wishful thinking will not invite warm and dry weather. I am watching my daffodils off my deck rising higher each day. They will slow down when the subfreezing air settles in soon.

January so far is averaging 2.3 degrees above normal, but we are an inch below average with our rainfall. Incoming showers over the weekend may not help us out that much, we’ll see.

Take care and we’ll chat on Thursday and see where that cold air is.