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Monday,  July 15 , 2024

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Fishing report: License now required to fish for smelt, crawfish and carp

By Columbian news services
Published: June 8, 2024, 5:32am

Washington fishers are now required to have a recreational fishing license for freshwater smelt, crawfish, and carp.

The law, which removes the fishing license exemption for each species, went into effect on June 6.

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife said in a statement that the license requirement aims to improve fishing regulation compliance.

“As Washington’s population grows and recreational fishing activity increases, we often feel the strain on our natural resources,” said Kelly Cunningham, WDFW Fish Program Director. “A fishing license requirement can help promote sustainable fishing practices while safeguarding endangered species.”

Washington fishing or shellfishing licenses will be required to fish for freshwater smelt and crawfish. A fishing license is also required to fish for carp, except for Moses Lake and Vancouver Lake, where carp fishing is exempt from this requirement. Temporary licenses are valid.

Current fishing or shellfishing licenses will be valid and existing license holders will not see any increased costs. Youth under the age of 15 do not need a fishing license. Visit the WDFW website at https://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations for more information about fishing license types and fees.

Columbia River and tributary fishery reports

Lower Columbia River from Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to Bonneville Dam there were 295 salmonid boats and 158 Washington bank rods tallied during the June 1 flight count.



Sec 1 (Bonneville) — 55 bank anglers kept four jacks, released two Chinook and one jack.

Sec 3 (I-5 area) — Three bank anglers had no catch.

Sec 4 (Vancouver) — 33 bank anglers had no catch; eight boats/15 rods kept one Chinook and released one Chinook.

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Sec 5 (Woodland) — 20 bank anglers kept one Chinook, one jack and one steelhead; four boats/six rods kept one Chinook.

Sec 6 (Kalama) — Five bank anglers had no catch; one boat/two rods had no catch.

Sec 8 (Longview) — 90 bank anglers kept six steelhead; 27 boats/68 rods kept 27 steelhead and released one steelhead.

Sec 9 (Cathlamet) — 14 bank anglers had no catch; three boats/three rods had no catch.

Sec 10 (Cathlamet) — Eight bank anglers had no catch.


Sec 1 (Bonneville) — 10 bank anglers kept 56 shad; four boats/10 rods kept 100 shad.

Sec 8 (Longview) — Two boats/five rods kept eight shad.



Cowlitz River I-5 bridge downstream — 24 bank rods kept one jack, five steelhead, released one Chinook and two steelhead; five boats/15 rods kept two steelhead.

Cowlitz River above the I-5 bridge — 14 bank rods kept two jacks; two boats/six rods kept one jack.

Kalama River — 10 bank rods kept two Chinook, two jacks and released two steelhead; three boats/nine rods had no catch.

Lewis River — 39 bank rods kept one Chinook, two jacks and released one steelhead; five boats/15 rods kept one steelhead.

Wind River — Four boats/eight rods had no catch.

Drano Lake — One bank rod had no catch; three boats/four rods had no catch.

Recent trout plants

June 5

Swift Power Canal — 2,100 rainbow trout, 1.54 fish per pound from Merwin Hatchery.

June 3

Klineline Pond — 3,000 rainbow trout, 2.50 fish per pound from Goldendale Hatchery.