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Up in the Air: The Story of the Wright Brothers

Written and illustrated by Brian Floca

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Up in the Air: The Story of the Wright Brothers is historical fiction based on the story of Wilbur and Orville Wright’s invention of the airplane. The story brings immediacy and life to the actual events, methods, and ideas of the Wright brothers’ story.

It follows the brothers from youth, to their first flight in 1903, to Wilbur Wright’s public demonstrations of the plane in France in 1908, the triumphant moment at which the world first recognized Wilbur and Orville as the inventors of the airplane.

It is said that a strong compulsion to learn by doing is a reliable sign of genius, as compared to just absorbing knowledge. Up in the Air: The Story of the Wright Brothers offers a fascinating look at two brilliant bicycle shop owners who pursue the secrets of flight and thereby change the world.

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