Our NIE teachers and students look forward to the annual Serial Story that runs in The Columbian newspaper and ePaper every spring.

Every year we choose a Serial Story to run in our newspaper and ePaper for Clark County students and teachers to enjoy as an additional NIE tool within the classroom. Teachers who sign up through NIE to follow the Serial Story will also receive the story’s curriculum to use as a guide.

Typically, you will see the Serial Story in the paper running chapter by chapter every Tuesday & Thursday, March-May with the exception of spring break.

This Year’s Serial Story

Hang tight! We will release details about the next serial story once it has been chosen. If you would like to be notified with serial story updates, please let us know by emailing nie@columbian.com and we will add you to our list. Thank you for your patience!

Last Year's Serial Story

“Bella Bella”

Written by Jonathan London
Illustrated by Jon Van Zyle

bella bella breakfast serials story

First met in Breakfast Serial’s story Desolation Canyon, the characters set out on a sea-kayaking adventure off the central coast of British Columbia. They fully expect to come across the bald eagles, wolves, bears, and even killer whales that they encounter. But what they aren’t prepared for is a more sinister type of danger: a ruthless sea captain who is determined to become rich off smuggling immigrants into Canada.

Jonathan London’s keen, knowledgeable, and poetic prose captures the extraordinary beauty—and potential danger—of the natural world and masterfully contrasts it with the infinitely more complex world of human behavior. The illustrations by Jon Van Zyle are brilliant evocations of this world. The artist’s lifelong knowledge of the area adds a rich dimension, capturing both the beauty and excitement of this remarkable coastal environment.

An adventure story full of excitement, intense beauty, suspense and rich characterization, Bella Bella transports the reader, evokes teenage energy and emotion, and raises important moral questions.

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