Have you heard about The Columbian's Newspaper in Education (NIE) program? If you haven't please take a moment to learn a little about it. Newspaper In Education puts Columbian newspapers in local classrooms for students to use as an up-to-date fun learning tool. The Columbian is in Clark County classrooms, stimulating young minds, challenging intellects and inspiring imaginations. Without the generous donations of our sponsors none of this would be possible.

The Columbian is sponsoring half the cost of each newspaper as well as teacher curriculum guides. We are asking our partners to contribute half the cost of the newspapers.

By partnering with The Columbian your company can become a visible supporter of local education.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Newspaper In Education.

If you would like to know about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

Common Sponsorship Questions

What is NIE?

NIE is an Educational/literacy program designed to provide children from Kindergarten to 12th grade daily, current event tools.

How is the paper used?

Teachers and students use the newspaper as an educational tool, i.e., to teach reading, math, geography, science, technology and current events. Current events study guide, reading/spelling tool for the younger grades, business/economics tool etc. We provide age appropriate curriculum guides to the teachers at not cost to aid in using the newspapers in the classroom.

Can I pick the Classroom/School I sponsor?

We send the papers to the classroom/school at which we have the greatest need.

Does The Columbian sponsor any of the papers?

The potential sponsor pays for half of every single paper that goes into the classrooms. The Columbian covers the other half as well as all the operating expenses involved with the program.

Is the donation tax deductible?

Donations are not a charitable contribution that can be taken as a tax write off (We are not 501C3)

Can my vacation paper be donated to a good cause?

Yes. If you'd like to donate your vacation papers to our Newspaper In Education (NIE) program we'll distribute two papers for every one you donate to Clark County classrooms. Teachers and students use The Columbian as an up-to-date learning tool in their studies. Simply make the request when you temporarily stop your paper. For more information about The Columbian's NIE program call Rachel Rose at 360-737-3212, or e-mail her at nie@columbian.com.

What do I get out of this?

Recognition ads are produced and ran according to the donation amount, they are not tied to advertising in any way. The sponsors name is also included in the list of sponsors that appears in every NIE thank you ad we run. This is a great PR for many companies that do not do a great deal of advertising, they are recognized as a supporter of education in the community.

How many schools/teachers are a part of this program?

More than 300 teachers from 150 schools participate in the NIE program. We delivered and average of over 3,000 copies a day to local kids. All possible due to donations from local businesses and subscribers.

The Columbian believes strongly in being a positive influence on education in Clark County, and we think our products and services offer a wealth of learning opportunities for students of all ages.

NIE Department:
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