Weather Eye: December should begin on mellow note



After a wild week or two of November weather, things look to be rather calm after a little rain Tuesday, maybe into Wednesday morning. Strong high pressure builds in over the great Northwest and December begins on a mellow note.

The only problem with high pressure this time of the year without easterly winds is, yeah you guessed it, fog. And sometimes it can be rather persistent during the day before we see much clearing. Let’s hope that doesn’t occur this time around.

At least after Tuesday the week will be good for holiday errands and such. There will be nothing to shovel and no rush to unclog gutters and downspouts. And maybe one can get the remaining leaves raked up and decorate for the holidays.

See, always a silver lining in the clouds, right?

The remainder of my holiday in Sunriver was uneventful weather wise after the snow on Thanksgiving. Mostly sunny skies and very mild temperatures. The trip home over the mountains wasn’t bad either.

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday.

Thinking about weather gifts, I would recommend a weather radio for each household. My favorite is a handheld radio durable enough for outside use, such as camping and hiking. These NOAA weather radios can alert you to watches and warnings as well as national emergencies. I got mine at Radio Shack and purchased the optional AC adapter so I can keep it plugged in and on standby mode in the house. I always carry it while at the beach in case of tsunami warnings.

Another handheld radio is made by Midland. Just search on the Web for the best buy or check out the local Radio Shack stores. Both units are under $50.

A handy unit to have in the house if you do not have a full-fledged weather station is a digital thermometer that displays the outside temperature and can even recall the high and low temperatures. These can be found at any hardware or garden center. Prices start at $10. Most are wireless, which makes them handy to set up and mount in a sheltered location outdoors. I noticed my local Fred Meyer had a nice display of electronic thermometers and weather stations.

Enjoy your week and get shopping!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at