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Dec. 8, 2019

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Is my kid too young for contact sports? Advice still unclear

November 11, 2019, 9:45am Health

New guidance on concussions shows there isn’t enough solid evidence to answer some of parents’ most burning questions about contact sports. That includes what age is safest to start playing them. Read story

Lifestyle tweaks to manage migraines

November 11, 2019, 6:05am Health

My relationship with migraines is a long and unhappy one. They showed up around puberty and have stuck by me ever since. No one knows definitively what causes the mother of all headaches, and there is no cure. As they do with many sufferers, migraines have negatively affected every aspect of my life and cost me dearly. On the eve of my wedding day, I fell so violently ill that… Read story

Vancouver retirement home gives residents makeovers, photo shoot

November 11, 2019, 6:05am Editor's Choice

It hit Tracy Shanks in the middle of her morning drive to work. Read story

Nonprofit created to aid area’s caregivers

November 11, 2019, 6:05am Charities & Nonprofits

Christina Keys became her mother’s caregiver seven years ago. Starting out, Keys didn’t know a lot about being a family caregiver and had a lot of questions. Keys and others behind Loving Them Forward, a new nonprofit, aim to support caregivers who may have similar questions and anxieties. Read story

Study: Running lowers risk of early death

November 11, 2019, 6:01am Health

Is jogging a part of your workout regimen? It should be, according to a new report. Read story

Gene editing tool shows promise against cancer

November 11, 2019, 6:00am Health

The first attempt in the United States to use a gene editing tool called CRISPR against cancer seems safe in the three patients who have had it so far, but it’s too soon to know if it will improve survival, doctors reported Wednesday. Read story

Kaiser CEO Tyson dies at age 60

November 10, 2019, 10:03pm Business

Health care provider Kaiser Permanente said Sunday its chairman and CEO, Bernard J. Tyson, has died unexpectedly at the age of 60. Read story

Light Up Your Night for lost loved ones

November 9, 2019, 6:01am Health

Community Home Health & Hospice is hosting Light Up Your Night events for those mourning the death of a loved one. Read story

Possible chemical culprit found in vaping illness outbreak

November 8, 2019, 11:54am Health

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. health officials announced a breakthrough Friday into the cause of a mysterious outbreak of vaping illnesses, reporting they have a "very strong culprit." Read story

Juul halts U.S. sales of popular mint-flavored e-cigarettes

November 7, 2019, 8:25pm Health

WASHINGTON — Juul Labs said Thursday it will halt U.S. sales of its best-selling, mint-flavored electronic cigarettes as it struggles to survive a nationwide backlash against vaping. Read story