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Best CBD Dog Treats 2022 – Best Brands for Joint Pain & Anxiety Relief

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 Research into the advantages of CBD dog treats for relieving pain, anxiety, injury, and a host of other complaints your furry friend might encounter has increased. So it should come as no surprise that pet owners are turning to CBD products to improve their dog’s health. While CBD oil for dogs is often the more advertised product, getting your pet to consume the liquid CBD oil supplement can be challenging. This is where CBD dog treats come in.

To simplify the process of obtaining the best CBD dog treats, we have identified the five best providers of dog treats infused with CBD. In addition, we have carefully scrutinized the companies we have recommended, ensuring that their CBD treats are made with your dog’s health at the forefront of their operations.

5 Best CBD Dog Treats – Brand Summary

  1. CBDfx – Best Choice
  2. HolistaPet – Close Second
  3. Penelope’s Bloom – Runner-Up
  4. Anxious Pet – Honorable Mention
  5. CBDistillery – Good Alternative

Criteria Used To Select The Top 5 CBD Dog Treats Brands

To provide pet owners with peace of mind, we have identified three factors that can either complicate or complement the purchase of CBD dog treats. We have compared these factors to each CBD treats for dogs provider included on our list, providing readers with a well-rounded and unbiased review of the products on offer. The factors we have selected are:

  • Price – We know that pet owners, especially those with dogs suffering from long-term issues, are looking for an affordable but effective product. As such, we have carefully compared the prices of the CBD treats offered by each company, ensuring that quantity and quality match the cost. We have also tried to include companies that provide savings opportunities to help reduce the overall price of the treats.
  • Company mission – With many unscrupulous companies looking to make a quick buck by reducing the quality of CBD products for pets, we have carefully scrutinized the mission and philosophy of all the companies on our list. We firmly believe that dog CBD products should be just as effective as human-grade products, and as such, we have included only CBD treats that we have judged to match human quality CBD.
  • Customer Reviews – Attentive pet owners provide an untapped well of information regarding the effectiveness of the CBD pet treats. We have trawled through countless reviews for each recommended product on our list to capitalize on this. We have examined not only the customer ratings assigned to providers but also any hidden disadvantages our readers should acknowledge.

Best CBD Dog Treats – Product Reviews

1. CBDfx – Best Choice



  • Human-grade products
  • CBD treats bundles
  • Specialized CBD dog treats
  • Free shipping opportunities
  • Doy-free and vegan-friendly options

Why Should Pet Parents Shop With CBDfx?

CBDfx provides customers with some of the finest organic CBD treats for dogs. The company’s broad-spectrum CBD formula, along with naturally occurring antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, can help your canine companions in a host of ways. For example, CBDfx’s Joint and Mobility CBD treats for dogs boasts that it can aid joint health and improve mobility in injured and elderly dogs. In addition, the company’s Stress and Anxiety CBD treats are designed to target anxiety in your pet and boost your dog’s health.

The CBD treats produced by CBDfx are claimed to be human-grade. Trained veterinarians medically review all the dog treats offered by CBDfx. In addition, the CBD products are vegan-friendly and soy-free; CBDfx processes its broad-spectrum CBD dog treats under cruelty-free conditions. The company assures dog owners that its products are made from high-quality US-grown ingredients and that its CBD dog treats are entirely solvent-free. They also offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee as further assurance for owners who are still on the fence about their products.

Are CBDfx’s CBD Dog Treats Worth The Price?

CBDfx offers four options for owners looking to use CBD treats to improve their dog’s health:

  • 450 mg CBD Dog Treat for Stress and Anxiety
  • 450 mg CBD Dog Treat for Joint and Mobility
  • CBD for Dogs Mobility Bundle (CBD oil and treats)
  • CBD for Dogs Anxiety Bundle (CBD oil and treats)

CBDfx has reduced all of the prices of its treats for dogs and bundles by up to $20 sitewide. New customers can take advantage of the mailing list discount, saving themselves up to 25% off their first purchase by using their email address to sign up for the list. In addition, customers can utilize CBDfx’s regular discount offers for further savings of up to 30% off. The overall cost of purchases can also be spread across four payments using the company’s Sezzle program. Additionally, orders over $75 are eligible for free shipping, further reducing the cost for dog owners.

What Do Others Think Of CBDfx?

The yummy CBD dog treats offered by CBDfx boast a 4.8-star average gathered from almost 100 customer reviews. In addition, the company has received notable commendations for the speed of response by its customer service team and the shipping of its products. The efficiency of the CBD treats offered by the company has also been praised, with owners indicating that not only are dogs extremely willing to eat the treats, but also that the products have helped with long-term joint pain and anxiety problems.

Final Thoughts

The combination of stunning customer service and highly-rated products has cemented CBDfx’s place as Editor’s Choice and the best CBD dog treats provider on our list. With specialized treats and affordable prices, this company is one for all dog owners, and we encourage our readers to give them a try.

Learn more at CBDfx.com

2. HolistaPet – Close Second



  • Specialized CBD dog treats
  • Pet-centric CBD company
  • Multiple discounts available
  • Dairy-free products


  • One flavor per specialized product

Why Should Pet Parents Shop With HolistaPet?

As one of the few pet-focused CBD treats providers on our list, HolistaPet has secured a prominent spot on our list by creating dog CBD oil and dog CBD treats of the highest quality. The company’s broad-spectrum CBD dog treats are made under cruelty-free conditions. The company also claims that all its products are third-party lab tested with certifications available on each product page. Additionally, HolistaPet only uses 100% natural ingredients to make its treats as beneficial as possible.

In conjunction with being completely organic, HolistaPet assures customers that the company’s CBD dog treats are vegan-friendly and contain no GMO, gluten, or dairy. For further benefit, HolistaPet has created specialized treats to target various points of a dog’s health. They currently offer a selection of treats for heart & immune care, calming relief, and joint & mobility care. For ease of purchase and to give dog owners a chance to mix and match the specialized products, HolistaPet has created treat bundles. While the company does offer a variety of flavors, including peanut butter, blueberry, and pumpkin spice, these flavors are linked to only one treat each. HolistaPet is so sure of the efficacy of its products that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are HolistaPet’s CBD Dog Treats Worth The Price?

Pet parents visiting HolistaPet for the first time can take advantage of the company’s 25% off discount opportunity simply by entering their name and an email address to receive a discount code. In addition, HolistaPet offers customers a chance to save another 25% off their order by signing up for the company’s subscription program. Further savings can be found with the free shipping offer that the company allows for sitewide. Currently, HolistaPet offers three size options for its 30 treat packages, these are:

  • 150 mg for dogs under 20 lbs.
  • 300 mg for dogs 20-60 lbs.
  • 600 mg for dogs over 60 lbs.

Customers also have the chance to purchase bundles from anywhere between $72.76 and $175.36. The subscription on bundles will save customers up to 22% from their overall price.

What Do Others Think Of HolistaPet?

HolistaPet has earned a high rating average across its products, with items achieving between 4.8 and 5 stars consistently. Owners have noted that the CBD dog treats seem to lessen pain caused by old age and long-term health conditions, especially in older dogs. Owners have also reported a marked decrease in anxiety symptoms and an increase in the overall energy that their dogs seem to have, indicating that the products are, in fact, efficient.

Final Thoughts

While HolistaPet has not been able to gain the coveted Editor’s Choice position on our best dog CBD treats list, the company is one to watch. With effective specialized products, numerous bundles, and chances for owners to save money while they shop, there should be no question why we chose HolistaPet as our Runner Up.

Learn more at HolistaPet.com

3. Penelope’s Bloom – Runner Up


  • Multiple quantity options
  • Savings opportunities available
  • Inclusive formula
  • Affordable products


  • No broad-spectrum options

Why Should Pet Parents Shop With Penelope’s Bloom?

Through a combination of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and organic CBD oil, Penelope’s Bloom has created specialized CBD-enriched treats suitable for dogs at all stages of life. Penelope’s Bloom currently offers three types of yummy CBD dog treats specifically designed to target problem areas in a dog’s health. The CBD-rich treats on offer are Heart + Immunity treats, Stress + Anxiety Treats, and the Joint + Mobility treats. Unlike other companies in the pet CBD industry, Penelope’s Bloom accommodates the needs of owners and their pets by offering two quantities of products available in 300 mg and 600 mg, along with a mixed bundle option.

While the CBD used to create Penelope’s Bloom’s treats is full-spectrum CBD oil, the company has ensured that the ingredients included in the treats are all-natural. The company also boasts that their CBD dog treats are non-GMO and vegan friendly. Each treat is formulated with ailment-specific ingredients such as L-theanine for anxiety and turmeric to help with mobility. Additionally, Penelope’s Bloom has ensured that their treats are as attractive to dogs as possible by incorporating flavors such as organic blueberry and organic sweet potato in their oven-baked CBD-enriched treat products.

Are Penelope’s Bloom’s CBD Dog Treats Worth The Price?

One of the saving opportunities to be gained from Penelope’s Bloom is present as soon as a visitor navigates to the site. New customers are presented with the chance to save 10% off their first order by entering their name and an email address. This process signs a customer up for the company’s newsletter, keeping them abreast of any offers and discounts. Additionally, customers can save another 20% off their costs by signing up for Penelope’s Bloom’s subscription program. Customers can alter the subscription to one month, six weeks, or two months as required. Currently, Penelope’s Bloom offers several price options:

  • 300 mg pack
  • 600 mg pack
  • Bundle pack (3 packs of 300 mg)

What Do Others Think of Penelope’s Bloom?

Penelope’s Bloom boasts more than 160 5-star verified customer reviews from owners across its pet CBD product line. More specifically, for the full-spectrum CBD oil infused treats, the company shares an average of 4.9 to 5-stars across the three product options. Additionally, customers have noted that in the case of the mobility-focused treats, the products are particularly effective for elderly dogs. Customers have also recorded that the treats targeting stress and anxiety are not only able to calm their dogs, but that their pets are highly willing to eat the treats with no coaxing needed.

Final Thoughts

While Penelope’s Bloom isn’t our top pick on the list, the company is sturdy with a reputation and affordability that makes it a top choice for any dog owner. These factors combined with specialized treats and tasty formulas have helped Penelope’s Bloom score a solid place on our list.

Learn more at PenelopesBloom.com

4. Anxious Pet – Honorable Mention


  • Veterinarian-formulated products
  • Soft chews for ease of consumption
  • Affordable prices
  • Secure containers


  • No heart focused products

Why Should Pet Parents Shop With Anxious Pet?

Anxious Pet presents owners with a veterinarian-formulated dog CBD treat option that is perfect for consumption in flavors dogs crave:

  • bacon
  • peanut butter
  • original

Soft chews can accommodate dogs at all stages of their lives, especially if they are older and have trouble crunching hard treats. Anxious Pet has covered a range of health worries that owners might have through a combination of naturally occurring CBD and other active ingredients such as ginger root and melatonin for relaxation and glucosamine to aid joint mobility. While the company does not produce a CBD treat specifically for the health of a dog’s heart, the company’s Hip & Hop soft chews does promote a healthy immune system and the overall health of a dog’s body.

Anxious Pet also boasts that all its products are third-party lab tested to ensure that all its calming soft chews are free of pesticides, residual solvents, and other toxic substances. In fact, their third-party testing occurs after they have already run all their products through their own batch of tests to doubly ensure quality. The company is so sure of the efficacy of the soft chews that it produces that they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to further reassure any worried customers.

Are Anxious Pets’ CBD Dog Treats Worth The Price?

Anxious Pet provides regular sitewide discounts on its pet CBD products. To be kept up to date, the company advises owners to sign up for the Anxious Pet newsletter, allowing the company to contact owners about discounts and savings opportunities. In addition, customers are permitted free shipping on all the orders regardless of size or price. Customers can also save up to 15% off their CBD soft chews purchase by signing up for a subscription plan. Anxious Pet only offers a single 60 treat size option that costs $49 per product.

What Do Others Think About Anxious Pet?

Anxious Pet has amassed praise not only from pet parents, but also from independent organizations, as seen in the company’s 2020 Industry Recognition Award and USA Readers Choice Award 2020. In addition, the company boasts an average rating that varies between 4.9 and 5-stars across its Relax & Roll and Hip & Hop soft chews. Dog owners have noted that the treats were highly effective at reducing separation anxiety in older dogs as well as helping regulate dementia symptoms.

Final Thoughts

With its veterinarian-formulated soft chew treats option designed to target various dog health issues, it should come as no surprise that we have included Anxious Pet on our list. Along with the company’s offer of free shipping and an affordable subscription program, Anxious Pet is definitely a healthy choice for any dog owner.

Learn more at AnxiousPet.com

5. CBDistillery – Good Alternative



  • Hemp-Authority certified
  • Discount opportunities available
  • Third-party tested
  • Soy-free products


  • Site redirection makes shopping abroad challenging

Why Should Pet Parents Shop With CBDistillery?

One of the main advantages of shopping for CBD dog treats with CBDistillery can be found in the company’s manufacturing processes: All their products are created under strict conditions that have been certified by the United States Hemp Authority. In addition, the company boasts that the ingredients used in its CBD treats are carefully selected from vetted farms that operate under Natural Farming Practices guidelines. CBDistillery also claims that all its products have been tested by third-party labs to ensure that products are of the highest quality possible.

CBDistillery offers two Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Plus Bites options for owners to choose for their dogs. The company’s Mobility Bites includes a full-spectrum option in beef flavor, created to improve a dog’s muscle function and overall mobility. CBDistillery’s Cognition Bites is a broad-spectrum CBD option designed to improve cognition and promote relaxation. The company boasts that both these products are made from hemp grown in the United States and that the formulas used are soy-free and contain no grain. While the company’s automatic site redirection limits the process of shopping abroad, the multiple CBD types offered more than makes up for this.

Are CBDistillery’s CBD Dog Treats Worth The Price?

Customers shopping with CBDistillery can take advantage of one of the site’s many savings opportunities by signing up for their newsletter. Using only a name and an email address, new customers can receive up to 10% off and the chance to be made aware of any future discounts. In addition, CBDistillery runs pop-up deals that can save buyers up to 15% off their total order. A discount program is available for a select portion of its client base that can be applied for by following the instructions. In addition, the company will save customers up to 20% off their overall order when they sign up for a subscription plan. The CBD dog treats from CBDistillery are currently on offer for only $27.97.

What Do Others Think Of CBDistillery?

The treats by CBDistillery have gained a 4.2-star average rating amongst owners on independent review sites. Dog owners have noted that products are particularly effective when treating anxious elderly dogs. Customers have also pointed out that the products have provided much-needed help for dogs dealing with mobility issues due to age and injury. Speedy customer representative response time is also noted as a reason for additional patronage.

Final Thoughts

CBDistillery has proven that it belongs on our list of the best CBD dog treats providers through a combination of carefully selected ingredients and refined manufacturing processes. When paired with the company’s affordable products and savings opportunities, it should come as no surprise that CBDistillery has a solid spot on our list.

Learn more at CBDistillery.com

Benefits Of CBD Dog Treats

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. In humans, CBD and other cannabinoids can combat specific ailments such as inflammation and mental health disorders by interacting with the endocannabinoid system and other parts of the body. CBD is believed to serve a similar purpose in animals without inducing the recognized ‘high’ associated with THC. This lack of reaction is caused by removing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as seen in most CBD oil and CBD treats for dogs.

Numerous research has been conducted to examine how naturally occurring CBD can help dogs. Studies such as ‘A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of daily cannabidiol for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis pain’ conducted by Verrico et al. (2020) seem to prove that CBD can be used to treat a dog’s pain. In fact, the study found that CBD not only acted as a pain management aid, but that the study also seemed to prove that the compound increased mobility in animals suffering from osteoarthritis.

Additionally, a 2019 study conducted by McGrath et al. found that when used to treat dogs suffering from intractable idiopathic epilepsy, CBD seemed to reduce the number of seizures that owners reported over the trial. CBD has also been found to suppress nausea in animals undergoing chemotherapy. These findings suggest that the naturally occurring CBD compound could be a suitable aid for dogs in similar situations.

Anecdotal accounts have also pointed out that much as seen in humans and scientific animal studies, CBD seems to reduce the chances of anxiety symptoms. Researchers believe this anxiety-reducing effect is due to CBD interacting with a dog’s serotonin receptors creating a more balanced mood. In addition, CBD has also been found to regulate a dog’s appetite in cases of illness and improve energy, especially in older dogs. With so many benefits linked to the use of CBD treats for dogs, it would behoove any owner to at least try this method instead of traditional medicine that could prove more harmful in the long run.

Why Choose A CBD Treat Over CBD oil?

When deciding whether CBD oil or CBD treats is best for your dog, there are several factors that owners should consider. One of the first deciding factors is dosage. Unfortunately, even with outlined instructions about the dosage of CBD oil that owners should give their dogs, it can still prove difficult, especially for new owners, to get the dosage right. In such cases, the use of soft chews and regular CBD treats can lessen an owner’s anxiety by assuring them that their dog’s dosage is pre-calculated. CBD dog treats are also beneficial for owners suffering from mobility issues who might find the drop mechanism challenging to navigate.

Another issue addressed by CBD soft chews and treats for dogs is the ease of consumption. Many owners have found that even with added flavors or the ability to disguise the taste of CBD in bowls of water or with other treats, dogs might still turn their noses up at consuming the oil. This problem is firmly addressed in the creation of CBD treats for dogs. The treats presented to owners have already been formulated to entice a dog while hiding any unwanted taste. In addition, dogs may see the treats and soft chews as rewards, thus ensuring that they would be more likely to consume the offerings than they would CBD oil.

The storage of CBD soft chews and regular treats is yet another advantage that owners should note. Unlike its CBD oil counterpart, the treats aren’t stored in breakable glass containers. CBD dog treats also don’t need special care as they can be stored with regular other dog food and supplements, whereas CBD oil usually has specific storage requirements.

Cost is another factor that sets soft chews and treats apart from CBD oil. In most cases, soft chews and treats will be less expensive than CBD oil.

The final factor owners should consider when choosing between CBD oil and treats is the longevity of the effect of the product. It has been found that in most cases, CBD consumed via treats tends to linger in a dog’s system for longer than CBD oil. In such cases, if pain or long-term illness is being treated, owners might be better off choosing the treat option. In conclusion, while both CBD oil and treats can benefit your dog immensely, the advantages of CBD-enriched treats should not be overlooked.

How Many CBD Treats Should I Give My Dog?

Several factors will affect the number of CBD treats that an owner should give to their dog. One of the most important factors is the dog’s weight. Many of the providers on our list have separated their products to match specific weight criteria. These providers will also give detailed instruction on the number of treats to allocate for each weight bracket.

A general rule of thumb to keep in mind is that dogs under 25 lbs. are better off with treats containing 75 milligrams of CBD or less when starting a regimen. On the other hand, middle-sized dogs or larger dogs should be introduced to CBD with a dosage of between 200 and 300 milligrams, respectively.

The question of dosage leads to another critical factor: Dogs may react differently to CBD. You must track how the treats change your dog’s behavior. Much like humans, pets can build up a tolerance for CBD, meaning that the dose that treated an ailment months ago might not be as effective now. If a certain number of treats cause your dog to be overly tired or out of sorts, then an adjustment in the dose should be considered. Also remember that CBD can take 30 minutes or more to have an effect on dogs, so patience is required if you want to get an accurate dosage reaction.

Another factor to be considered is what is being treated. Dogs suffering from pain and anxiety might require more treats than a dog lacking in energy. Again, follow the guidelines created by providers to prevent a potential overdose. In cases where an owner isn’t entirely sure of the dosage to use, speaking with a veterinarian.

Is Naturally Occurring CBD Safe For Dogs?

Unlike in the case with traditional medicine, there hasn’t been any definitive proof that the practice of giving dogs CBD products made from natural hemp, whether by soft chews, treats, or CBD oil, has been linked to any long-term side effects. In fact, it has been suggested that after a specific dosage, a dog’s body simply will not be able to absorb the CBD presented. However, this does not mean that CBD overdoses can’t be highly uncomfortable for both dogs and owners.

Dogs who have been given a CBD overdose may suffer from:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Change in appetite

Research has also failed to find links between CBD consumption by dogs and short-term health problems. For example, a 2019 research group focused on Pharmacokinetics by Kelly et al. ran a 12-week study where dogs were given 2 mg of CBD soft chews per their body weight twice a day and found that none of the dogs reacted adversely to the supplement.


The use of soft chews and CBD-infused treats to help with your dog’s various ailments or fluctuating moods is growing popular among owners. This increasing popularity should come as no surprise when considering the affordable prices, beneficial ingredients, and application ease. With hundreds of providers and new companies emerging every day, using our article to narrow the search for the best CBD treats for dogs providers is a decision that none of our readers should stress over. Now all you need to keep your dog healthy and happy is a few minutes of reading time and the click of a button.

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