Vancouver city attorneys lead way in pay increases

In 12 months, Vancouver Assistant City Attorney John Farra’s salary increased by 47 percent. The reasons his annual salary soared from $61,812 to $91,164 included a cost-of-living increase, merit raise and expanded duties, but the biggest factor was a salary adjustment.

Micah Rice: Not the favorite? Fine for Blazers

Embrace that underdog role, I say. Play with an us-against-the-world edginess. Tap in to the fire that fuels Wesley Matthews.

Vancouver seeks oil spill risk assessment

The city of Vancouver is seeking an independent assessment of the region's readiness for possible oil spills, explosions or other accidents that may result from the Northwest's largest proposed oil-by-train terminal.

Consumer spending on health care jumps as ACA takes hold

WASHINGTON — Nancy Beigel has known since September that she would need hernia surgery. She couldn’t afford it on her $11,000 yearly income until she became eligible for Medicaid in January through President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.


Should the Freeholders -- who are looking at ways to make county government work better -- consider two-year terms for county commissioners?