Where did your business find office space?

I'd like to create a list of the best places to rent an office in the Vancouver metro area to go with Sunday's story on "Startup Spaces."

Also, feel free to share your office-hunting stories here. It can be a cumbersome and frustrating process. This discussion aims to make it a little easier for everyone involved.

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Here are a few spots I've found so far. Please share your own!

Cascade Executive Suites at 237 N.E. Chkalov Drive (Still online as ExecuTech Suites). It offers individual offices starting at $350 per month and virtual offices for $99 per month.

The Port of Vancouver is willing to negotiate leasing rates and space needs. Their rates start at 35 cents per square foot per month.

And here are a couple of good sites to search for office space: LoopNet and Craigslist

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With the current state of the commercial leasing market, it is a perfect time for start-ups to take advantage of the low lease rates. We may never see these type of opportunities again. I always suggest using a licensed professional to help you through the unknown world of lease negotiations. A professional commercial Realtor can provide you with a detailed list of available spaces, tour you through those spaces, negotiate the best deal possible using it's use of market knowledge, and IT IS ALL FREE. The building owner pays the Realtor for bringing the tenant. Brett Irons and Brian Sullivan at Coldwell Banker Commercial would be a good place to start.

I share an office space with Tribe 2 Studios in downtown Vancouver, WA. I only work from the space part-time. I do a few hours of work on trade each month for them. In turn, they allow me to have my professional office space.

I could work from home full-time. However, I find that having a professional work space where I can meet with clients is important. And, I often obtain leads for future work from the owners of Tribe 2 Studios. My work as a web content developer does compliment Tribe 2's work as website designers. Our symbiotic-like work relationship we share could work for other free-lancers as well.

I completely agree with both rdholland and constitutionalist. And as a representative of Washougal Town Square, I'll say that there has never been a better time to get into a professional office space and begin networking with like-minded individuals than right now. We are making some great deals here at Washougal Town Square. We'll also tell you what's in store for the future of downtown. So stop working from home, stop commuting to Vancouver or Portland. Start working in a unique, sustainable, innovative environment. Come grow your business at Washougal Town Square.

If you're bootstrapping a hi-tech or online wholesale or retail business, your garage. It's a great place to set up an office / shop while keeping overheads at an absolute minimum - utterly essential for a start-up. Or, you can have a 12 x 20 steel building installed for around $5K, or buy a used portable office trailer on Ebay and set it up in your side or back yard. Even if you have to invest in some improvements, the payback, compared with ongoing rents and overhead for a traditional office, is very rapid, often less than one year. And in Vancouver, you're legally allowed to operate a low-key business with up to two employees out of your house.

Hi Libby! Great story. One option I would suggest is flexible office space. I work for Regus, a global workplace solutions provider, and we have 6 locations in Vancouver where companies can rent on-demand, fully-furnished offices with on-site administrative and IT support. Working with a flexible office space vendor takes away some of the headaches associated with finding office space, and with no long-term lease, you can adjust your office space as your requirements change. If you’re interested in learning more about our Vancouver locations, check out

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