Obama all in on budget proposal

5:01 p.m. January 31
Plan seen as $4 trillion taunt of GOP lawmakers

WASHINGTON — After a year of relative peace in Washington's budget battles, President Barack Obama will lay out a $4 trillion budget on Monday that needles Republicans with proposals for higher taxes on the wealthy and businesses to pay for education, public works projects and child care.

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Washington lawmakers grouse about free meals rule

11:14 a.m. January 30

State lawmakers are venting their annoyance with a new limit of 12 free meals they are allowed to take from lobbyists.

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Clark County to consider 'In God We Trust' display

7:20 p.m. January 28
Under Mielke proposal, motto would have prominent place at public hearings

Clark County councilors next month will consider a proposal to prominently display the words "In God We Trust" in the county's main public hearing room.