Which local schools have lowest vaccination rates?

By Marissa Harshman February 8, 2015 6 a.m.

At more than two dozen Clark County schools, at least 10 percent of the student population has immunization exemptions.

Vancouver naturopath facing unprofessional conduct charges

By Marissa Harshman February 4, 2015 6:31 p.m.

A Vancouver naturopath has been charged with unprofessional conduct for allegedly failing to meet the standard of care in issuing multiple medical marijuana authorizations.

Henna heals, empowers teen with alopecia

By Marissa Harshman February 2, 2015 6 a.m.

Madison Powers started losing her hair in first grade.

Dentists' group opposes law change

By Marissa Harshman January 29, 2015 6 a.m.

A proposal to update 80-year-old laws regulating dentistry in Washington is facing unexpected push-back from the state's professional organization for dentists.

Preparing the body for baby

By Marissa Harshman January 26, 2015 6 a.m.

A healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is important, and, as local obstetricians point out, the steps women take before conceiving can have a big impact on the pregnancy, and the health of mom and baby.

Frustrating wait for health care

By Marissa Harshman January 23, 2015 6:53 p.m.

When Jake and Natalie Koprowski decided to adopt two young girls from the Democratic Republic of Congo, they did so with the desire to give the girls better lives than they had in orphanages.

County gets power to douse smoking

By Marissa Harshman January 23, 2015 6:06 p.m.

Clark County Public Health is stepping up its enforcement of the state ban on smoking in indoor public places.

Legacy implements 'kangaroo care' for premature babies

By Marissa Harshman January 19, 2015 6 a.m.

Louisa Escobar sits in a rocking chair in the dimly lit room of the neonatal intensive care unit. She lowers the straps of her tank top and places baby Maria-Magdolena, born with a full head of dark hair, on her bare chest.

Integration effort seeks to streamline Medicaid

By Marissa Harshman January 18, 2015 6 a.m.

John Smith enrolled in Medicaid after losing his job and, with it, his employer-provided health insurance.

Medicaid rates fall for some providers

By Marissa Harshman January 16, 2015 6 a.m.

With the start of the new year comes less money for some local primary care providers seeing Medicaid clients.

Phat Hoops = fit fun

By Marissa Harshman January 12, 2015 6 a.m.

Sandra Elton was 10 when she last picked up a hula hoop. But a demonstration at the Clark County Fair last summer encouraged the 67-year-old to take up hooping again.

Understanding of laws regarding e-cigarettes often hazy

By Marissa Harshman January 12, 2015 6 a.m.

Smoking has long been banned inside public places. But with the emergence and surging popularity of electronic cigarettes, local public health officials are fielding a common question among business owners: What about vaping?

Art cart is baby's legacy

By Marissa Harshman January 11, 2015 6 a.m.

Baby Sam Al-Ghamdi arrived much earlier than doctors had hoped.

Hospitals impose visitor restrictions as flu activity rises

By Marissa Harshman January 8, 2015 5:32 p.m.

Local hospitals are imposing visitor restrictions as flu activity continues to rise.

Technology helps with finding the right balance

By Marissa Harshman January 5, 2015 6 a.m.

After John Marshall's stroke three years ago, the Vancouver man quickly realized his body wasn't capable of what it once was.

State restricts local doctor's license

By Marissa Harshman December 31, 2014 5:38 p.m.

State health officials have immediately restricted the license of a Vancouver physician and surgeon.

Resolve to live healthier in 2015

By Marissa Harshman December 29, 2014 6 a.m.

For many Americans, ringing in the New Year comes with pledges to get healthier. Nearly half of Americans regularly make New Year's resolutions. Even more are infrequent resolution-makers. And, for many, health-related resolutions are at the top of the list.

Pursuit of parenthood takes couple to unexpected efforts

By Marissa Harshman December 27, 2014 6 a.m.

Kevin and Mindy O'Neil had their first pregnancy all planned out.

'Psychiatric boarding' comes to an end

By Marissa Harshman December 25, 2014 7:14 p.m.

Beginning Friday, Washington hospitals will no longer be able to hold mentally ill patients in their emergency departments without providing psychiatric treatment.

Keep your head up: Text neck takes a toll on the spine

By Marissa Harshman December 22, 2014 6 a.m.

All those times your mother told you to stand up tall and sit up straight were for good reason.

Wearable defibrillator saves man's life

By Marissa Harshman December 22, 2014 6 a.m.

Ray Tabor wasn't too keen on wearing a contraption that, to him, resembled a woman's bra. But at the urging of his doctor, Tabor relented.

Agency adds $9 million in services for mental health

By Marissa Harshman December 18, 2014 7:37 p.m.

Mental health services will become more robust in Southwest Washington in 2015.

Clark County acupuncturist's license suspended

By Marissa Harshman December 18, 2014 10:28 a.m.

State health officials have suspended the license of Kooyeoll K. “Eric” Jung, the Clark County acupuncturist charged with second-degree rape.

PeaceHealth endowment honors Miller

By Marissa Harshman December 15, 2014 7:49 p.m.

PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center Foundation has created a $1 million endowment to fund continuing education for neuroscience caregivers.

Promising tool deployed in lung cancer fight

By Marissa Harshman December 15, 2014 6 a.m.

Jerri Westby was 76 when she was diagnosed with Stage 1B lung cancer in June. She lost her life to the disease Oct. 22.

Vancouver man, doctor fight against breast cancer

By Marissa Harshman December 14, 2014 4:30 p.m.

Jarrett LeClaire and his wife, Irene, were newlyweds trying to start a family when Irene discovered a small tumor in her right breast.

Therapy dog taking bite out of dental visits

By Marissa Harshman December 8, 2014 6 a.m.

As Kyi walked into the treatment room at Adventure Dental in Salmon Creek, he was greeted with familiar smiles from the dental office staff.

Walk & Knock keeps volunteers busy

By Marissa Harshman December 6, 2014 5:29 p.m.

An estimated 1 of every 4 children in Clark County goes to bed hungry. Thousands of volunteers who scoured neighborhoods on a rainy Saturday morning hope to change that statistic — at least for a few months.

Parent-Child Assistance Program: Raising mothers from trouble

By Marissa Harshman December 6, 2014 5:19 p.m.

Rachael was addicted to heroin when she learned she was 2½ months pregnant.

Vancouver police pursue, arrest driver in stolen vehicle

By Marissa Harshman December 6, 2014 4:53 p.m.

Vancouver police arrested a man in a stolen vehicle after short pursuit Saturday morning.

Washougal's former finance director sentenced to three months

By Marissa Harshman December 3, 2014 5:04 p.m.

Jeffrey Bivens, Washougal's former finance director and a licensed tax attorney, was sentenced Nov. 20 to three months in federal prison — finally resolving the charges he pleaded guilty to more than four years ago.

E-cigarette poisoning calls on the rise

By Marissa Harshman December 1, 2014 6 a.m.

As the popularity of electronic cigarettes has soared, so too have the number of liquid nicotine poisoning calls to the Washington Poison Center.

Needle exchange reduces rate of infectious diseases

By Marissa Harshman November 28, 2014 4 p.m.

In 12 months, Clark County Public Health's needle exchange program has collected 1.2 million dirty syringes and handed out nearly 1 million clean needles to drug users.

Shortages spur plea for blood donations

By Marissa Harshman November 27, 2014 6 a.m.

Local blood donation centers facing supply shortages are issuing pleas for donations this week and throughout the holiday season.

Doctors prescribe walks at Fort Vancouver National Site

By Marissa Harshman November 24, 2014 6 a.m.

Some Clark County physicians will soon be writing new prescriptions for their patients.

Take care cooking holiday turkey

By Marissa Harshman November 23, 2014 6 a.m.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Plates will soon be filled with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie — and a side of salmonella?

State health exchange 'off to a strong start'

By Marissa Harshman November 19, 2014 5:08 p.m.

Nearly 25,000 Washington residents completed applications for health plans in the first three days of open enrollment through Washington Healthplanfinder.

Traffic Calming Program showing signs of popularity

By Marissa Harshman November 19, 2014 6 a.m.

Motorists driving along East Evergreen Boulevard are now welcomed to the Edgewood Park Neighborhood with brightly colored signs featuring friendly reminders.

Vancouver 12-year-old battling scleroderma  

By Marissa Harshman November 20, 2014 11:30 a.m.

Lilliane Grahek, lower left, was just 2 years old when the first blotch appeared.

Health overhaul Round 2 begins

By Marissa Harshman November 14, 2014 5:52 p.m.

Open enrollment for health plans on the state-based insurance exchange begins Saturday, giving Washington residents who purchased plans last year their first opportunity to make changes to their coverage.

Hundreds turn out for free flu shot clinic in Vancouver

By Marissa Harshman November 11, 2014 5:46 p.m.

Hundreds of Clark County residents are now protected against the flu, thanks to a free flu shot clinic offered by Legacy Health. Legacy Health offered the vaccines Tuesday at each of its five hospital campuses in the Portland-Vancouver area. More than 100 people were waiting in line when the event at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center began at 3 p.m. People began lining up an hour early to take advantage of the free vaccines, said hospital spokesman Brian Willoughby.

Army musician's new mission: serving in health care  

By Marissa Harshman November 11, 2014 6 a.m.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jon Shinn never saw combat. He never experienced the front lines. His life was never threatened. He never even touched a weapon after basic training.

Navigating health plan maze to get the best coverage, price

By Marissa Harshman November 10, 2014 6 a.m.

When the state-based insurance exchange opens for business Saturday, Washington residents will have nearly twice as many health plans to choose from as they did in the 2014 exchange.

Small-business health insurance exchange expanding

By Marissa Harshman November 9, 2014 6 a.m.

The small-business health insurance marketplace offered only in Clark and Cowlitz counties in 2014 will expand to include the rest of the state in 2015, allowing businesses with 25 employees or fewer to purchase health plans and cash in on a 50 percent tax credit.

Health plan regains Medicaid contract

By Marissa Harshman November 7, 2014 5:04 p.m.

Columbia United Providers will once again have a direct contract with the Washington State Health Care Authority to manage Medicaid care for Clark County residents.

Flu sickens many more than Ebola, enterovius D68

By Marissa Harshman November 3, 2014 6 a.m.

Viruses have been a hot topic across the country this fall.

Health insurance exchange ready for second round

By Marissa Harshman November 2, 2014 6 a.m.

Open enrollment for the state-based insurance exchange is set to begin in two weeks, and officials are hoping Round 2 goes a little smoother.

Hysterectomy leaves no scars  

By Marissa Harshman November 2, 2014 6 a.m.

Ten years ago, a hysterectomy would have required an incision that spanned the length of the woman's abdomen and left a considerable scar.

Neighbors describe growing tension

By Lauren Dake , Marissa Harshman and Stephanie Rice October 31, 2014 9:44 p.m.

John B. Kendall lived next door to Erich and Abigail Mounce, and the neighbors had been in a legal feud for nearly two years, court records show. The primary source of tension was the fact Kendall had as many as five tenants and a home business in violation of subdivision restrictions.

Vancouver acupuncturist arrested on rape allegations

By Marissa Harshman and Patty Hastings October 30, 2014 8:56 p.m.

Vancouver police arrested a 54-year-old acupuncturist accused of sexually assaulting one of his female clients.