The volcano next door

It has been three decades since Mount St. Helens blew, but the event still fascinates - and defines - Southwest Washington. Read our May 19, 1980, story here.

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The taste of death

Thirty miles was still too close for Roald Reitan and Venus Ann Dergan

They were only 60 seconds from safety, but getting there almost killed them

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A race to survive

Sunday morning drive turns into frantic trip to escape eruption

In the spring of 1980, as Mount St. Helens rumbled, Trixie Anders was among the hundreds of visitors who were drawn like moths to the flame. “I was hoping to see an eruption,” she said.

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Waking to a nightmare

Camping trip ends in injury and death for friends

After sitting around their campfire until 3 a.m., Danny Jay Balch and Brian Thomas were sleeping in. Balch was jolted awake, and he realized something was happening when he saw his friend’s face.

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