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Monday, October 2, 2023
Oct. 2, 2023

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Wanting to earn some extra cash?

Apply for route delivery today.

Delivery Opportunities

You can earn between $700 to $1,700 every month by working a few early morning hours 6 days a week (Tues-Sun) delivering The Columbian.

For information, call (360) 735-4609 or email at routedelivery@columbian.com.

Who Should Apply?

Newspaper delivery has proven to be a good fit for a stay-at-home parent, retirees, and folks looking to supplement their current income. This position provides the opportunity to be your own boss and work around your current schedule.

Successful contractors are mature and dependable people that have a reliable and fuel efficient vehicle with a valid WA driver's license, and auto insurance. They should be able to lift newspaper bundles of 30 pounds.

Most routes are tube/driveway delivered. The amount of porch delivery varies on each route.

The ability to rise and be ready to work in the early morning hours is essential. All routes are 6-day early morning delivery with multiple publications. Routes begin from 1:30am - 2:00am Tuesday-Friday and 2:30am - 3:00am Saturday and Sunday. Most routes take 2 - 3½ hours to complete. Sunday may take up to 3 - 6 hours to deliver our Sunday Select product. The amount of time is largely dependent upon the individual. Routes vary from 120 to 200 papers. Gross profit is calculated on the number of deliveries (per piece) with most routes between $700 - $1,700+ gross a month.

If you are interested in delivering as an independent contractor, please fill out the application form below. You may also call The Columbian at (360) 735-4609. Please leave your name, address, zip code and phone number and a rep will return your call. Additionally, you can email us at routedelivery@columbian.com. Orientation is provided.

Apply for a Route

Fields marked with a "" indicate that it is required.

Are you at least 18 years of age?
Do you have a valid Social Security number or tax identification number?
Do you have a reliable back up vehicle?
Do you have auto insurance?