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June 2011 PubTalk

Kevin Kerlin of Helidyne presented at the June 2011 PubTalk. The three-year-old Vancouver company has developed a more energy-efficient converter to replace the turbine typically used in geothermal plants.

Global Inspection Solutions at PubTalk, June 2011

Global Inspection Solutions spoke at the June PubTalk in Vancouver. The Portland company, founded in 2009 by three engineers, offers a scanning process to provide 3D parts inspection for a variety of manufactured industrial products, making it easier to identify and resolve manufacturing defects.

April 20 PubTalk with Bowserwear

At the April 20, 2011 PubTalk in Vancouver three local companies present their business cases. Terri Entler from Bowserwear discussed the design of her company's products, veterinary dressings for dogs that promote healing and prevent infection.

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